We all go to Youtube to look up how to fix something, but often you will get a summary of what a person ate for their breakfast before they show you how to fix something.

The other problem with Youtube is that there is no quality of content. Some guy will tell you how to do something and he can be completely wrong.

For example recently I was looking on how to change the battery on my BMW. I watched a Youtube video and it seemed quite easy. Until I started reading in the comments and realized that it was wrong.

Which made me start to wonder aren’t there any free auto repair resources on the web. Digging further I came across Youcanic. They had a step by step guide on how to change a BMW battery. Not only that, but they have tons of step by step guides on how to do anything on your car.

While in the past Hynes, Chilton were the go to place for auto repair guides. Youcanic has now become my new favorite that beats even Youtube. It has videos and step by step directions with no junk.

Replace a BMW battery yourself with the ultimate guide. The article will help you learn how to replace a BMW battery on your own. The step by step consists of various videos and pictures which will help you to safely have the BMW batter removed on your own. The website also provides a guide to perform BMW battery registration by yourself.

Removing a BMW battery yourself never got more easier. Firstly there are certain signs which you need to check before replacing your BMW battery:

  • The BMW does not start or has trouble starting.
  • The BMW battery is not able to hold a charge.
  • Whenever you charge, a high battery discharge warning quickly appears on the cluster of the instrument.
  • The engine struggles when turning over.

If any of these signs appear then it is time to remove your BMW battery with a new one.

In order to get a BMW battery replaced, one will also need to get a new BMW battery to put in the car. There are some popular batteries which should suit your car as it is suitable for most BMW cars such as the DieHard 38217 Battery and ACDelco 94R AGM Battery .

Whenever you consider getting a new BMW battery, it is important to buy a new BMW which has specs which are similar to the old BMW battery. Normally getting a new BMW battery should cost you upto a $150 or $200.


The Tools which One may Require

In order to have the battery of your BMW to be replaced, there are some tools which you will need as are mentioned below:

  • The basic tools which you will need when changing the battery of your BMW are a 10mm or 13mm socket and a ratchet.
  • It is also important to have a battery terminal brush with you.
  • It is recommended to have a backup battery supply of up to 12 volts but is not necessary.
  • In order to successfully remove and replace the BMW battery, you will need work gloves.
  • Your eyes are the most important organ which is why it is mandatory to wear protective glasses to protect your eyes.
  • The last thing which you will need is an electrical tape.

Once, you have got all these tools you can start the process of removing and replacing the BMW battery.


The Ultimate Instructions to Change the BMW Battery

The instructions mentioned are written with BMW owners in mind who have a newer BMW vehicle and those that a 2002 BMW vehicle.

Firstly, you will need to locate the BMW battery which is in the trunk. It is easier to locate in new BMWs as it is found in the right side of the trunk. However, if one has a station wagon BMW, then the BMW battery should be found under the floor of the trunk.

Secondly, you will need to disconnect the battery terminal. All you need to do is loosen the 10mm nut and keep it there, do not remove it. Next pull the cable away from the terminal of the negative battery

Thirdly, it is time to disconnect the positive battery terminal and remove it. In order to do this, one will need to have the red plastic cover lifted up and under this, one can see the 10mm nut which needs to be loosened up. After this, remove the battery bracket. Once, you have removed the battery bracket, you can now easily remove the old battery. As the batteries are heavy, it is a good idea to have someone help if needed.

After, you have taken out the old battery, lower the new battery into the bracket and ensure that it is sits properly. Now, all you have to do is have the bracket brackets reconnected. It is important to not tighten them too much as it would make the battery housing crack.

Next, clean up the battery posts with the use of a battery terminal brush. After this, have the positive battery terminal connected first and then the negative terminal.

Lastly, have the new battery registered. Once you have gone through the guide, it is important to go through once more to ensure that you have not forgotten anything and have everything with you in place before you start the process of changing the battery of the BMW.


Tips to Remember

In order to successfully change the BMW battery, it is important to follow the below tips:

  • Have a friend over to help out in case you need any help.
  • Choose a battery which suits your car specs. If you are unsure, contact the helpline to ensure that the battery is correct.

Follow the guide and tips to ensure that you successfully change your BMW battery.