There is no denying in it, clicking the persuasive picture of the business event or the corporate can be a challenge. Here I will let you know some ways to capture the photos of events that will be unique and will spark the interest of the potential attendees. You can use their rules for creating persuasive events photos from concerts to the wedding to the sporting events.

  1. Your equipment’s in event photography:


If the event where you are going to do photography are indoor events, then you should use your low light best camera. For the outdoor events of photography, those camera bodies which are fast will wonder you.


For the event photography in the low light, I recommend looking at the lenses with the max f/stop of the 2.8.  Use the primer, luxury glass, ART such lenses are more transparent and sharper than the other lenses. These type of lenses are more reliable and faster.

Extra Cards and batteries:

Always bring the additional cards and batteries if you never want to be stuck with the corrupted memory and the dead memory.

  1. Camera setting rule for event photography:

For the event, photography switches your camera to the continuous focus and the burst mode. Must keep burst setting when a guest on the events are moving quickly. The ongoing focus will allow your camera to lock at your side. Then with the continuous focus, you can move it as you want.

Your camera setting will show your photography style to your client.

  1. Rules for managing client’s needs and expectations:

It is an essential skill for all professional photographers. Have the open dialogue between your client and yourself is the key to getting the best shots.  Ask your client these essential questions:

  • What type of event is this?
  • What type of images do you want in this event? Do want the headshots?
  • What moments are most important?
  • What type of style do you like?
  • What thing that you not like?

It will help you in understanding your client’s expectations from you in the best ways.

  1. Develop the Shot list:

If you have the volunteer or the staff member that is taking photos at the event, then create the list that you want to capture during your shoot.

A short list will let know your client what things should expect from you, and on another hand, you will also know what to provide them. In this way, you will know the limits of the photo session that your clients want from you. Your client will understand the level of their expectations from your services.

  1. Be punctual:

In photography, if you are on time, then it means you are late. In photography, you should arrive at least half an hour early. It will be enough time for uploading equipment, time for the parking, checking in with the client, and surveying space once more.

These are some rules that you should follow for the best event photography. If you want to hire a photographer from Switzerland, I recommend hiring from these cities Zurich, Zug, Luzern.