Any time you’re planning a lighting change, whether it’s for an existing site or a new project, it’s important to consider the specific purpose for each type of lighting. For example, you’ll have smaller units for residential lamps, flat-panel fixtures for office space, and high-bay lights designed for warehouse, gymnasium, and commercial spaces.

You may think you can just “buy a flood light” and put it up to give you the illumination you need. But, this is a mistake many property owners make when they invest in flood lights. In fact, there are at least five ways you’re using LED flood lights wrong. Read on to make sure you’re not one of the individuals who invests money in flood lights for security and safety, only to discover the choice is not correct for your setting.


Uses for Flood Lights

When you work with a trusted, experienced supplier to select and purchase your LED flood lights, you’ll be sure to get the broad-beamed fixtures you need for a variety of commercial and residential uses. These products are available in an array of lumen outputs (more on that shortly). This is the popular, and correct, choice for security lighting, outdoor sports, landscaped lighting, and similar situations. You will also find these fixtures just right for stage lighting.

Tip: Buying brighter lights doesn’t guarantee better, maximum illumination. In fact, in many cases, homeowners and business owners under-utilize flood lights, and don’t receive the maximum benefit from their investment. The first of the five ways you’re using LED flood lights wrong, involves lumens, which is the “measure of total quantity of visible light emitted by the light source.” In most situations, this is as important as determining the number of watts you need.

Don’t be misled into thinking brighter light is always better. You may be able to get even, suitable lighting with lower lumens. Choose your brightest outdoor led flood lights for a particular purpose. It’s not necessary to make a major investment that is much too bright for the purpose. 5,000 lumens to 7,000 lumens focused on specific areas or features should be more than sufficient.


Location, Location

In addition to having lights that are far too bright, you can avoid spending too much on LED flood lights by placing them carefully. Space your fixtures to avoid obvious dark areas, but save a bit by making sure each area illuminated meets the next. Of course, you don’t want to place fixtures too close together, which only results in glare and uncomfortable levels of light (not to mention spending too much for little or no benefit).

Positioning is important when planning your flood-light installation. Talk with your lighting specialist about such techniques as “moon lighting” to simulate the softer flow of the moon. Try “silhouetting,” which places the light under an object, pointing up. You can also experiment with “shadowing” which puts the focus on an object, rather than the wall behind it. As mentioned at the start, it’s essential to give thought to the specific purpose for your lights.

The remaining two ways you may be using your LED flood lights wrong involving control of the lights, or in some cases, lack of control. You can use motion sensors so you don’t have to turn lights on or off. Naturally, you can always turn the lights on and off manually with an over-ride switch. You might want to include a timer or photo-cell to control outdoor lights, with settings for specific times. Position your photo-cells carefully to take advantage of the sun angles.

If you decide to operate your outdoor lighting remotely, be sure you have the correct frequency necessary. Ask your LED flood lights professional about infrared (IR) or radio-frequency (RF) remotes. RF remotes allow you to operate the lighting even when there are walls and furniture in the way. IR remotes don’t operate through walls and solid objects, and must be in line-of-sight.

As you discuss your flood-light plan, take all these factors into consideration. You’ll discover that quality LED flood lights correctly chosen and installed can provide years of worry-free service.