The concept is very simple, a wall of mist or fog is now used instead of a screen. Anything that a screen or monitor would have previously had projected onto it, the fog screen can handle. The fog screen can also support pictures, videos, live streams, logos, sponsors, brands, pretty much anything!

The revolutionary thing about the fog screen? You can walk through it, you can touch it, you can feel it on your skin. The possibilities for sponsorship, logo and branding potentials at events is endless.

So, why buy a fog screen? Well, for starters, it looks different and stands out. For those that have not seen the fog screen before, the wobbly nature and constantly moving fog will give your projected image a completely different look to your competitor’s still using screens or monitors. People will be drawn to it from far away as it looks so distinctive.

Secondly, it is interactive. Can you walk through a TV-screen? No. Can you walk through a fog screen?

Yes! The photo and advertising opportunities here are what really make this product worth price. Imagine your CEO, or board of Executives at your next conference or exhibition, standing amongst your company logo.

It is healthy. Instead of staring at a screen, which does nothing for your eyes other than damage them with the blue light, the fog screen, in fact, works as a humidifier, giving everyone based around or walking through the exhibition equipment clean air.

It can be used in many different settings and events. The fog screen can be used in so many different places and for so many different types of business that can profit from this technology. Imagine the excitement and attention it will generate at the entrance to a museum, with customers walking through your display, or on an escalator of a shopping mall!

Unbelievably, it is easy to use! Although the technology of the fog screen is very advanced, purchasing a fog screen and using one does not require a technology expert.

it is very user-friendly and the time it takes to set up is very quick. You simply need a projector to show your images, logo or whatever else you want to show on the fog screen, and a steady stream of fog will be consistent and constant.

Now there is no need for screens of any kind. The fog screen has replaced the traditional monitor for a more advanced and more interactive style of screen.

What some are calling a complete breakthrough in exhibition technology that has the potential to

revolutionize live corporate and sponsorship events. The fog screen is the new piece of hardware that everyone is talking about.

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So, now you know all about the new technology of the inspiring fog screen, what are you waiting for, order one today.