Anybody who uses an iOS device like an iPhone and has experienced some issues with it is fully aware of the implications of data loss. Whether accidental or not, data loss can create a huge problem especially if there is a need to recover that data. This is why data recovery software was invented. Over the years, there have been several software packages that have hit the market and in all honesty, many of these software’s are quite good. However, it is important to go for not just a good software package but the best data recovery software package there is.

Sometimes due to a mistake or some error, the memory of your iPhone gets corrupted and you lose your data. After the corruption, you start getting error messages like:

  • Unknown error
  • Please connect to iTunes
  • The iPhone could not be restored
  • Activate iPhone-connect to iTunes

These errors occur as a result of your iPhone switching off unexpectedly, mishandling of your iPhone, a virus attack etc. Also, it may happen that you are looking at photos taken at a party you attended and by mistake, you press the delete button and lose your pictures. In that situation you get furious and you start to ponder how you will get back your lost photos.

Well, there is an easy fix for that.  Simply go to the recently deleted folder and retrieve it.

Now, what if you lost your notes or imessages. Ah ha! Now you are screwed. Well not necessarily. This is where data recovery software comes in handy. I reckon you use Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery. And click the link on how to recover deleted imessages

This software has the following features:


– It can recover your data even after formatting

– Scan and preview lost iOS data before recovery

– Restore and export lost data from iTunes backup

– Recover up to 19 kinds of data from iPhone, iPad, iPod

– Download and import photos and other files from iCloud

– It supports all versions of iPhone (starting from 4s), newer versions of the iPad, and iPod (touch)


Also, It is important and necessary to backup your iPhone data to PC with an iPhone transfer software regularly.