Football without leaving your house. The story of table football. Many pubs and bars have been dominated by table football for decades. In Europe these rectangular boxes with plastic balls are particularly popular. In Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, they became so popular that they are now usually only called kickers. The first patent, which corresponds to the construction of a table football table as we know it, was registered by the Brit Harold S. Thornton in 1922. However, it took a while until the invention spread to the continent. In 1976 the first German championship of table football was held.

Turning means cheating

Table football also has rules. However, traditional blood gnats do not belong to this category due to the poles. Mostly forbidden, or at least regarded as dishonourable, are e.g. shaking and turning. By spinning many players hope to hit the ball at the right moment. The shaking or lifting of the table is a particularly unpopular type of foul, as it can significantly influence the direction of movement of the ball.

Kicking as an escape from the screen

Many table football tables have also found their place in offices. The spatial restriction of the game ensures that the area around the table is not destroyed by the game’s frenzy. The soccer table has established itself as a welcome change from everyday office life. Colleagues can live out their rivalries here.

Table football as a team sport and an impressive world record

A special feature of the table kicker is that it can easily be played by two, three or four players. The game is perfect for getting to know strangers better, without having to talk too much about superficial topics. How to deal with an imminent defeat says a lot about a person’s character. They are therefore particularly suitable for company events or birthday parties. For this you can easily rent a foosball table. If you’re interested in that you should have a look at Kicker.Profis.

The longest soccer table in the world

The kicker fun doesn’t end with four players – models for 6, 12 or 334 players are now also available. Read correctly! The longest table football table ever built reached a length of 101 metres. But even this record is just waiting to be broken.