Learning management systems have now become an absolute necessity for organisations offering training. Thanks to the pandemic situation, we’ve come to realise that at least some part of education can actually take place without the need of classrooms.

With that said, organisations operating in different industries have very different training needs. This is especially true for healthcare organisations that offer specific training aimed at saving lives. Depending on the training needs of your organisation, you may find that learning management system pricing is all over the place. For less critical organisations, pricing might be a lot cheaper than the healthcare systems. 

However, the market is now flooded with LMS providers claiming to have created products to cater to the healthcare industry. To make the task of making the choice easier, this article will talk about the top five healthcare LMS. Let’s begin:


SAP Litmos

One of the most popular learning management systems across industries, SAP Litmos offers all the functionalities needed to call it an ideal healthcare LMS. The real secret behind the success of the LMS is the team behind it. Specialising in customising their product to suit the need of their clients, the team behind SAP Litmos has gained quite a repute in learning circles, and for good reason.

The effectiveness and utility of the LMS can be reconfirmed by going through Litmos reviews on any platform. When the positive ones outweigh the negative ones by a large margin, you can be sure that your investment into SAP Litmos will be a smart one.



Another great LMS that offers everything a healthcare training program needs, from the ability to hold webinars to features that enable blended learning, Tovuti is a complete LMS in every way.

However, what really makes this LMS special is that it is an end-to-end learning solution. Meaning, Tovuti doesn’t just enable you to deliver training in an engaging and trackable manner, it will also enable you to create quality training material within the LMS itself. Added to all this, Tovuti’s intuitive user-interface makes it one of the leading choices for healthcare organisations.


Docebo LMS

Another well known brand in the LMS space, Docebo is the perfect learning management system for large healthcare organisations. Besides offering the usual features, Docebo also offers advanced privacy settings that allow learning administrators to grant specific permissions, helping them maintain data integrity with more efficiency.

Further, the LMS offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, along with the ability to add an unlimited number of administrators, making it an ideal choice for large teams.


Bridge Software

Built keeping the needs of small and medium sized businesses in mind, Bridge offers incredible training personalisation capabilities. From enabling 1-on-1 sessions to allowing users to personalise their learning paths, Bridge is the ideal learning management system for healthcare organisations, where thorough training can one day mean the difference between life and death.

Along with personalisation features, the LMS is powered by an intuitive user interface that is loaded with some fantastic features. One of the features that truly stands out is Bridge’s ability to allow users to pause a course and then pick it up from the same point, even when they have switched devices.



These were just some of the learning management systems that healthcare organisations may choose from. Keep in mind, all the options listed in this list are backed by dedicated support teams that will help you customise their product to your organisation’s unique training needs. 

Since most of these LMS offer free trials, it is a good idea to test drive at least three to four options before coming to a decision. While features and affordability are important conditions, you must also evaluate your options on the basis of utility and user-friendliness. 

After all, what is the point of investing in an LMS when your learners are not able to use it to its full potential?