Fulvic acid is frequently referred to as “nature’s miracle molecule.”  As a nutritional supplement it continues to gain momentum, as does the Wasserkefir.  But what exactly is fulvic acid, why does your diet need it, and what’s the best way of getting it? 


What is Fulvic Acid?


Fulvic acid is delivered by fulvic minerals.  It is an essential naturally occurring form of organic acid that may be hard to get from a regular diet. 

Fulvic acid is a very important organic acid that naturally occurs and is found within nutrition-rich humus – which is decomposed material formed as one of the layers of the earth’s crust. 

It may be hard to obtain fulvic acid from a regular healthy diet, unless you eat actual dirt, and it is gathered most commonly from Shilajit, which is a mineral pitch seeping out of rocks in the Himalayan Mountains in high altitude areas.


Fulvic acid is an indispensable vehicle that carries vitamins as well as other nutrients into the right parts of our bodies. 

Just one fulvic acid molecule can transport 60 or even more trace elements and minerals into our cells directly.


Over the past couple of decades, must has been learned about how the humic materials that are contained in the soil of the earth, including fulvic acid, may provide the human body with numerous benefits.


Fulvic Acid Benefits  


  1. Endurance Is Improved


Due to the electrolytes, trace minerals, and other types of essential nutrients contained in fulvic acid, many people report that their energy levels increase when they take it.


Studies have shown that humic acids energize and activate most of the biological processes of the body, which helps cells stay active even when faced with damage caused by prolonged sleep loss, an unbalanced diet, stress, and oxidative damage.


Fulvic acid supplementation enhanced the physiological energy status of albino mice significantly during a forced swimming test.  Fulvic acid, Dibenzo-alpha-pyrones (or DBP, which are metabolites derived from animals and plants), as well as their derivatives were shown to be the principal constituents that contributed to the effects found. 


  1. Muscle Adaptation


Within the practice of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it has been reported that Shilajit exhibits potent anabolic and adaptogenic properties. For centuries it has been used for treating numerous disorders, including tendon and muscle injuries.  Fulvic acid is comprised of naturally occurring medium and low molecular-weight compounds, which include acylated DBPs and oxygenated DBPs, which show numerous biological inhibitory properties which are difficult to get from other sources. 


It has also been reported that fulvic acid relieves fatigue and improves physical performance through enhancing the production of  adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the mechanism that fuels your muscles.


  1. Absorbs Nutrients


Receiving the right amounts of electrolytes as well as other types of trace minerals as part of a balanced diet is essential for nutrient absorption, healthy metabolic functions, and digestive healthy.  However, food by itself, frequently is not sufficient.


Although the plants that we consume provide many of the minerals and vitamins that our bodies need, others come from the soil which we can’t get by just eating plants.  Humic acids are nutrition for plants.  When fulvic acid is consumers, it is a way of directly getting that nutrition for ourselves from the source. Fulvic acid also improves the ability of your body to use other nutrients almost immediately that are received from plants.


  1. Helps With Testosterone Production


You should be wary of any supplement claiming to boost testosterone levels suggest Optimally Organic.  A majority of them do not have much scientific backing, but there is research that supports the potential of fulvic acid to help testosterone levels. 


Indian researchers conducted a study in 2010 where they provided 35 infertile study participants with 200 mg of shilajit extract per day for 90 days in a row.  When the sperm and hormone parameters were compared from the first day to the 90th day, the following improvements were noted:


– Quality of sperm increased 37%

– Total sperm count increased 61%

– FSH increased 9% and levels of serum testosterone increased 23%


Also, hemoglobin increased slightly, and oxidative damage markers decreased.


A 2015 provided healthy volunteers 45 to 55 years old with 250 mg of shilajit extract per day for 90 days in a row.  Results showed that:


– Free testosterone levels increased 19%

– Total testosterone levels increased 20%

– Normal FSH and LH levels were maintained, and DHEA levels increased 31%.


Natural Sources and Recommended Usage of Fulvic Acid


Since fulvic acid tastes unpleasant, most people will mix liquid or powdered fulvic aci in with juice or a smooth in order to mask its flavor. 


Always make sure to carefully read the dosage directions when using fulvic acid as a supplement, because when too much it used it may result in the body having unbalanced mineral levels.  A majority of liquid products are available in extra form.  They recommend that a small dosage be mixed with 16 to 20 ounces of filtered water. 


These days, there are numerous ways of adding fulvic acid to your diet.  Among the most popular ways is Shilajit. In addition to fulvic acid, it also contains 85 minerals that are in ionic form, along with humic acid and triterpenes.


Side Effects of Fulvic Acid


For most people, it is safe for them to take fulvic acid, although not a long of research has been conducted.  It does not appear to pose a lot of side effects, and usually it is due to taking a high dose of it.  Fulvic acid helps to detoxify your body, and in the process might cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, cramps, or diarrhea. It is completely natural and it isn’t possible to overdose.  It is easy to flush fluvic acid out of y our system after you have consumed it.  If you are thinking about using supplements or alternative medicines, you should first consult with your doctor.  

The best thing to do is to start slowly and then incrementally increase the dosage to ensure that you don’t experience any side effects. It is safer to use water to dilute fulvic acid than taking high amounts of it alone.