Funny jokes are the best way to a girl’s heart. Besides, who does not like a guy with a sense of humor? This post looks at some of the funniest jokes that will make your girl crack into a smile. Share them with her and brighten up her day. After all, laughter is the best medicine. So, if you love her and want to truly impress her, you should try your luck by telling her these funny jokes. There is nothing better than a funny joke. It is both endearing and thoughtful. Like any other girl, jokes are something that help ease her mind and see the brighter side of things. Moreover, if you are still at the stage of impressing your girl, then, you should use these funny jokes.

  1. “The teacher walked into the class and asked whoever thinks they are stupid should stand. Nobody stood up as she stood in the classroom.”

This a subtle joke that will help lighten the mood. If you find your girl a bit tensed, then, it is about time that you told her this joke. It will get her to lighten up and spend some quality time with you.

  1. “A boy told a girl that he thinks that the principal is very dumb. The girl asked him do you know who I am. He responded that he did not know who she was. The girl told him that she is the principal’s daughter. Then, the boy asked the girl if she knew who he was. When the girl told him that she did not know, the boy walked away.”

Sometimes, you need to tell a long funny joke to get your girl involved. Hence, you should try your luck by telling her this joke. It is funny and insightful at the same time.

  1. “I went to get some camouflage pants at the vintage store. Guess what happened? I could not find any.”

This is a simple, yet funny joke that your girlfriend is bound to find funny. You would get bonus points if your girl likes shopping.

  1. “The police asked me where I live. I told them that I lived with my parents. They asked me where did my parents live, I said with me. Then, the Police asked where do you all live. I told them that we lived together. The police went on to ask where is your house. I told them that it is next to my neighbors house. They asked me where is my neighbors house. I told them that would not believe me. So, I told them the truth which is that my neighbors live next to my house. “

Go on all out with this joke. Your girl will laugh out loud if you deliver it perfectly. It is the perfect joke to start the date on a bright note.


Tell any or all of the above funny jokes to your girl to have a great time. The jokes are genuinely funny.