If you are worried about how to gain muscles, then you are in the right place! Besides proper exercises and diets, another way to gain lean muscles is by juicing. Many of you may know that juices are extremely beneficial for good health. But it is also true that some juices can help you to gain muscles. For this, you need to have the masticating juicer at home. Juices can boost your immunity system, improve your metabolism and balance the hormonal levels so that you can gain lean muscles. Here are some essential tips about gaining muscles with juices:


Tip #1: The First Thing to Have in The Morning

You must start your day with a glass full of goodness. It is very important to have juice as the first thing in the morning as it is super nutritious and healthy. When you wake up in the morning, your body needs to replenish the energy and protein back. Nothing can be better than a glass of green juice at this time. It can help it muscle growth and fat loss at the same time. It is super energizing as well. For preparing this green juice you will need celery, kale, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce and lemon. Kale and spinach contain enough quantity of protein to help you in muscle gain and ramp up your energy.


Tip #2: Juicing Before the Workout

If you are not a morning workout person, then you must consider juicing before the workout in the evening. If you are a morning workout person, then you can also have a glass of juice post workout. This time you must have a blood booster juice which can detoxify your blood providing enough oxygen to your muscle tissues. Thus, you will be able to gain muscle mass. For this juice, you will need spinach, carrots, lettuce, parsley radishes and ginger. Radish can help in purifying the blood, whereas carrots can boost the immunity. Parsley, on the other hand, works as an antioxidant to increase the cell functions. This can enhance the potential to gain more muscles.


Tip #3: Avoid Any Artificial Ingredients or Sugar

You must avoid using artificial flavors and sugar in your juice. If you want lemon in your juice, then use a lemon and squeeze into the juice. Do not use artificial lemon juices available in the market. These juices contain a lot of sweetened flavors and preservatives which can be harmful for your fitness. Also, do not add sugar to your juices at all.


Tip #4: Have Juice Thrice a Day

It is important to have juices thrice a day. Have it once in the morning, once before the workout and once after the workout. Use your best masticating juicer for juicing a thick slice of watermelon and 2 apples. Before juicing, remove the seeds from the watermelon. This can be a powerful juice to cleanse your kidney, increase the testosterone level and add lean muscles too.


These are some of the important tips for gaining muscle mass through juicing. All these veggies and fruits can help you in muscle gain. It can add muscle mass and burn body fat efficiently. So, toss all your artificial supplements and start juicing today!