Gems Vs Diamonds

Gems have become very popular in recent times. They might be set to replace diamonds. Although gems have always been popular in Asia, people in the West have finally come to realize their importance. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but gems offer amazing quality and variety. Thus, gems best represent the beauty of womanhood. If you are confused about whether you should get a jewellery piece made of gems or diamonds, this post is just for you. It takes a look at the differences between the two. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the post.


What Are Gems?

Before we proceed with the differences between gems and diamonds, it is important to know what gems are. In the simplest of words, gems are crystals that consist of certain compounds or elements. Ruby is a gemstone which is actually crystalline aluminium oxide (Al302) with some added impurities. The mineral is actually called corundum and tends to be completely pure. However, its color changes depending on the impurities added to it. If its color is red or orange, it would be considered a ruby. But, if it is any other color, it would be a sapphire. The most valuable sapphire color is the sapphire blue (deep royal blue). It appeared in the Titanic. What makes gems unique is that they tend to be rare and are extremely beautiful.


What Are Diamonds?

Diamonds are a crystalline form of carbon. Unlike most gemstones that respond to normal market pressures, diamonds are not affected by such pressures as its prices are artificially set to be high in order to create a monopoly. A single holds stock of all the diamonds to create a shortage which in turn increases the prices.


Differences between Gems and Diamonds

  1. Demand

Diamonds are considered classic and forever. However, they are not as rare as we would like to believe. The truth is that there are plenty of diamonds. But, the market for diamonds is strictly controlled in order to limit market supply and boost prices. Many reports state that people are demanding unique ruby, emerald, and sapphire pieces instead. Therefore, it is clear that the demand for gems has increased over the years and that they are just as demanded as diamonds or even more so.

  1. Durability

When it comes to durability, diamonds tend to rank at the top. However, there are many different types of gems that are available. But, diamonds are easily one of the hardest materials on earth. Gems are generally divided into two groups, precious and semi-precious. Precious stones are available in small quantities which makes them rare. On the other hand, semi-precious stones are more abundant and are widely available. Both of the gems are not as durable as diamonds.

  1. Price

The price of gems is normally less than that of diamonds. However, there are some gems which are more expensive than some diamonds. As mentioned earlier, the price of diamonds is artificially set high. This means that if market conditions were fair, the price of diamonds might actually be less than the price of gems. Besides, when you come to think of it, diamonds are also gemstones.

There are some rubies which sell for just $10 a carat in the market. While, there are other fine-quality rubies which can easily sell for millions of dollars. The most expensive ruby that has been sold is called the Sunrise Ruby. It was a Cartier ruby ring which had been auctioned at the Geneva May Auction in Sotheby in the year 2015 for over $30,000,000. It was a 25.59 carat Burmese ruby that was found in the famous mountainous region of Mogok.

There are also some lesser known yet high-quality gems such as tourmalines, garnets, and spinels which are available in different colours and sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

  1. Colour Options

If there is one department where gems shine bright, it is color options. Although diamonds can be found in different colours, gems offer more colour options. Gems are available in so many colours that it is difficult to list the different types of gems and their colours. The colour of diamonds is graded through the colour grading scale that was first invented by the GIA. There are some brown and yellow diamonds that are also available, but they are not as common. The same goes for pink and blue diamonds which are even rarer. However, orange, purple, green, and red diamonds are known for being the rarest. Thus, if you want to purchase diamonds in these fancy colours, you would need to pay a fortune.


How to Make the Final Decision between Gems and Diamonds?

Deciding whether to buy gems or diamonds can be extremely tough as both of them have their pros. However, when you come to think of it, the final decision all comes down to durability and colour. If you are someone who is more into colour, you should go for gems. But, if you want something more durable, diamonds are the way to go. When choosing a gemstone, you should select a softer one if you would like to wear the jewellery from time to time. As for everyday wear, you would need to go for something more durable such as a ruby or sapphire as these two gemstones offer the best of both worlds. Sometimes, all you need to do to make that final decision is visit the best jewellery website.


Where to Purchase Jewellery?

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