How to you get your Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation is often required for personal, academic and professional purposes.

Perhaps you dream of tying the knot in foreign or completing your higher education by involving yourself in a different culture.

Maybe you want to take your life in an entirely new way and go live and work in a foreign country. Whether you plan to immigrate, study abroad, or get married in another country, a proper birth certificate translation is an important step.

How is a Birth Certificate translated?

Having your birth certificate professionally translated before attempting to obtain any legal documents or benefits from another country will significantly reduce the number of potential problems you may experience. There are several steps you can take to receive the most thorough and accurate translation.

Always provide your professional translation company with spelling references for names and addresses if possible. Birth certificates written in languages that don’t employ the Roman alphabet may lead to some problems.

Birth certificates that contain a great deal of written information can be hard for a translator to read, which can result in misspellings and an incorrect translation.

If possible, provide the translation company with the version of your birth certificate that contains the highest volume of information. Some authorities issue both long and short versions of birth certificates, so make sure to translate the text that includes the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Place of birth
  • DOB (month, day, year)
  • The full names of your parents
  • The birth dates of your parents
  • The birthplaces of your parents
  • The seal of the issuing authority

This will ensure that your translation is acceptable by other official bodies.

Proofreading of Your Translation

As translators, whether voluntary or professional, it’s essential that the translation is proofread in order to spot and correct errors. We proofread all our translations and we ask you to review a draft translation before sending you the final version and the certificate of accuracy.

3 STEPS to order a Birth Certificate Translation

1) To expedite your order, scan or take a photo of your document with your phone;

2) Send it by e-mail and remember to indicate the language you wish to translate to. We will reply with a quote in a matter of minutes. After payment, the translation process is started.

3) Pick-up the translation from our office or receive it by email/mail.

Certified Birth Translation

Many courts, government firms, and universities will need your certified birth certificate translation. Certifying your translation gives it a legal record trusted by regulatory agencies, educational institutes and licensed industries around the world.

A certified birth certificate translation is signed and declared as an accurate reflection of the original by the translator or the translation agency. If it needs to be notarized, the birth certificate translation is then further confirmed by an authorized official, such as a notary. You may visit Languex for translation service for birth certificate in more than 65 languages

If you need a certified birth certificate translation, contact us today and get a free and fast translation quote from our experts!

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