Get to know about the best pull tapes and ropes in town

If you are looking for a rope manufacturer that promises you quality products, you are exactly at the right place! Asia Dragon has been manufacturing ropes in Vietnam since 2006 and masters in the making of rope. Asia Dragon manufactures and supplies numerous types of ropes that are made of different types of materials that include Polymer that is especially used for Marine, Agriculture, Decoration, Packaging, and for Household purposes. The pull tapes and ropes are used for a great many purposes and can be very useful if you are building a house.

Asia Dragon’s ropes and pull tapes are made from 100% virgin Polyethylene, Polyester, and Nylon or a mixture of these raw materials, as per the preference of the customer. Asia Dragon’s baler twine and industrial twine are very suitable for packing and even binding purposes. The twines are really smooth, but they still have strong properties. Asia Dragon aims to deliver its customers with the best quality products that will last long and serve more purposes. Asia Dragon’s products meet international standards as the latest technology is being used to manufacture them and the machines that are used in the process are from Europe.


Pull Tapes

The pull tapes that are made by Asia Dragon are one of the best ones in town and the customers love them! Asia Dragon supplies pull tape that is made of three types of great material that include Polyester, Polypropylene, and Nylon. The pull tapes are best when they are used for construction purposes as they can be used in decoration, packaging, and other household purposes.

The polyester tape is just one of the three types of pull tapes at Asia Dragon. The PET Pull Tape is a polyester tape by Asia Dragon. A pull tape, when flattened, can be spread over a large surface and it can help reduce the heating up between bends. It is also consistent in shape, which makes it easier to improve its performance. Asia Dragon offers you a wide variety of tapes that will for sure meet your requirements; 200 to 10,000 LBS. You will have an option to choose between printed or not printed tapes. Apart from that you can choose between factory lubricated and plain finish tapes. Whatever suits your needs! The tapes at Asia Dragon are of high strength and are very lightweight. Other ropes are also bought by numerous customers and serve a great many purposes.


PP Ropes

Asia Dragon manufactures a vast variety of polypropylene ropes (PP Rope), PP film rope, and mono rope. These ropes can be used by many users. Mono rope is just one of the many types that are sold by Asia Dragon. It is made of polypropylene and is very reliable in changing weather conditions. These ropes are very less stretchable. They are long, shiny, and can be elongated if needed for different purposes. Asia Dragon manufactures ropes of numerous kinds that can be used in indoors and outdoors both.


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