Get more sales with this ecommerce content marketing guide

For the development of an e-commerce business, it is vital to have a well-thought strategy. Today e-commerce content marketing is one of the powerful tools for the generation of more traffic and sales. There are plenty of e-commerce content marketing strategies and options, which you can use to improve the conversion and increase the profit.


How to work with content marketing?

If you just start dealing with content marketing, it is advisable to be attentive and follow certain steps:

  • create a content marketing plan
  • make a content calendar (which will be constantly updated. You can add the data concerning promotions and advertising campaigns. The calendar is usually created in advance for a long time)
  • distribution is more important than production (it is important that the majority of time is spent on the promotion of content, while the creation of it should take about 20% of your time)
  • evaluate the results of the distribution and quality of your content.

When creating a plan, start with one format of content but not limit yourself. You should be able to add other variations of formats later. Do not forget about the repurpose. You can use successful articles to modify and share them with the new audience (for instance, using new channels).


Content marketing tips for e-commerce marketing platforms

There are many ways to create interesting and catchy content. Let’s observe the most interesting ways of content creation, which are able to attract users and increase sales:

  • Interactive content. Some of the brands create special applications, which allow trying make-up or new clothes to understand how it will look like. Such a strategy resembles the experience in real shops providing more engagement in the process. You can use 3D videos, personality quizzes, and other types of content. To find something interesting, it is necessary to analyze the problems of your customers, which can be connected to your brand.
  • It is a good strategy to tell a story about your brand or about something that is connected to it. To stand out, you can produce not just stories but also documentary videos or other materials, which are emotionally appealing. It is possible to interview extraordinary people using or connected with your product, use the stories of your customers, etc. The majority of people like seeing themselves as heroes of a story.
  • Email content. Email leads/consumers are a significant advantage for any marketer. It is vital not to get a new customer but to make customers come back to your store to buy again. Thus, you should send promotional emails, product recommendations (based on the actions of the users), information about interesting offers/sales, abandoned cart emails, etc.
  • Those people usually have lots of followers and subscribers. As a result, they can influence the opinion of a great number of people making them buy your product or at least visit your store. They might be celebrities, bloggers, journalists or any other people loved by the folks. It is vital to find such people in your industry. Thus, you can increase the awareness of your brand, win the trust of the purchasers, and humanize your product.
  • User-generated content. It might include videos, reviews, photos, and any other materials. Many brands even start special campaigns to get such content from the customers. It provides better engagement of the clients. They become connected to your brand feeling seen and heard. When other users see such materials, they start trusting you much more. Besides, people like sharing experience. Doing so on social networks, they can attract a new audience as well.
  • Product guides and tutorials. When you give certain educational materials, you can attract users. They like getting helpful information, which can teach them. Besides, this method allows you indirectly guide people to buy from you. The materials should always contain visuals to make them more attractive and memorable. Add interesting details about your product/service. Thus, you will introduce yourself as an expert in your field. Another wonderful option is to create video tutorials, which will attract even more traffic to your site.

Using various types of content and working step by step in accordance with your plan will allow you developing your e-commerce business in the right way.

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