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Living Room

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You can find shoe cabinets, coffee tables, and TV stands.


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Do you have a back yard or patio which you would like to add with quality furniture! We have a vast range of furniture to choose from for your outdoor space.

Make the most of the space and entertain your guests in this great area. Take advantage of the outdoors, get a grill and barbecue steaks to your heart’s content.

We have all sorts of furniture for the whole family. Choose from our unique outdoor furniture. Mother Nature is a great place to hang. With furniture that comes in a range of colors. Your patio will look beautiful. It is the perfect to relax and unwind after a long day. Summer is just around the corner. Place benches and sofas in your patio and enjoy scenic sunsets and enjoy long dinners with your significant other.

It’s a perfect place for your pets, so get furniture which pet friendly. Our seats are very comfortable and have great texture.  They also have a stand for placing your drinks. With Sohomod you will not just get furniture but a unique lifestyle which reflects your mind.


Your kids will be so happy to try our cartoons themed furniture from Dorothy styled bed to Barbie. We understand what kids like and so our furniture is made with keeping kids in mind. We know that every child is unique and they have different likings so your kids will love our furniture.

It’s the perfect present for your kids and to show them that you care. Our furniture encourages creativity and helps improve their skills. We have cute bookshelves for young learners and sports related products.

The furniture is both affordable and durable.


Every home needs decoration to make a difference between a house and a home. We have all sorts of decorations to beautify your home. The latest innovations and designs can be found on our website for your needs. We know that you like creating a certain ambiance in your homes, so we have all the furniture you can think of to help create that aesthetic.

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 Impress everyone with your decorated home this holiday season. Decoration is what provides true beauty to your home.

Place lots of mirrors in your home to make it appear bigger and take advantage of the space. The pillows come in different fabrics.

Rugs and Fireplaces

We have rugs in all materials ranging from jute to polyester. Your comfort is our priority. We have silk rugs as well to provide elegance to your homes.

Rugs help provide more comfort and makes use of your floor. It beautifies your flooring. It is important to use the rug which is in coordination with the art deco and color of the rooms it is placed in.

Why Choose Sohomod

Sohomod is the perfect place to find a variety of furniture and ideas. You might be a new mover or looking to start over, a new set of furniture helps ease your mind and provides fresh perspective to life. Check Sohomod now and be inspired.