Life is too short not to smile, if I tell you that it is 7 times more likely to get a date smiling, you would start smiling a little more, right, so don’t be afraid to show those pretty white pearls you have, but if for some reason you think they are not as white as you wanted, we leave you some tips so you have them as a glass of fresh milk.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, if its normal for our teeth to be so yellow. The colour deteriorates for different reasons. For example, medicines or treatments, bad oral hygiene, genetic causes, our diet and especially by tobacco, who is also a developer of diseases such as gingivitis. That is an inflammation and infection that destroys the tissues that support the teeth.

“There is an important genetic condition that defines the colouring of our teeth from birth,” said the expert. However, there are some remedies that will help us have a captivating smile and above all healthy.

Use Sodium Bicarbonate

We can use it every two days for a week or two, remembering that this should not be our daily toothpaste, as we could increase its abrasive effect, due to its high sodium content. Also, people who have delicate problems with their teeth should not use it because it can cause side effects.

If we are going to use it, its process is simple, we only have to mix a spoonful of bicarbonate with cold water and stir until a homogeneous paste is created. Then we brush our teeth with it for two minutes. Then we rinse our mouth and brush our teeth as we do regularly. If you want to have straight teeth you should try the invisible aligners that you can get at

Good hygiene

Good hygiene is important to avoid yellow teeth. That’s why after eating or drinking dark-coloured food we should brush our teeth, for example, when drinking tea, coffee or red wine. A wise advice is to eat foods of firm consistency, as they help us to clean the teeth while we chew. So, eat apples and carrots!

Professional teeth whitener

However, health experts believe that the best way to achieve an attractive smile is with a dental treatment that improves the appearance and colour of our teeth. Currently, there are many specialized treatments such as: teeth whitening with LED lights, porcelain microcars, among others. Remember that your smile can get you millions of things and a person who smiles is 30 times more attractive than one who does not.