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If you are wondering what a master key system is, read through this article in 1 to 5 minutes, and you will have a full grasp of it.

A master key system is a mechanism in a lock system in which a key can be used to open two or more padlocks. A master keying system is generally accepted as its advantages outweigh its harm. The master key system is used by hotels, businesses, lodges, and homes. It is used to prioritize access granted to homeowners, estate managers, hotel managers, site managers, and security personnel. This is due to the importance of their job, as they won’t need to ask for a key to get into a room or building in emergency cases. Also, it gives homeowners the privilege of having a key that grants access to most locks in their home instead of carrying a bunch of keys, which can serve as extra weight.

To obtain a master key system, one must provide evidence of ownership of property, job position ID, and a certified document of access to the site. This is to guarantee that he or she is not a thief or a suspect.

Who Provides A Master Keying System Service?

To get a master key system in your home, office, shopping mall, hotel, or lodge, all you need to do is contact a locksmith in Queens, NY. For residential homes or estate managers, please contact a house or residential locksmith. For offices, hotels, malls, and business buildings contact a commercial locksmith.

Both locksmith professionals will provide a master keying system service for your buildings, lockers, or cabinets. If you are looking for a residential locksmith or a commercial locksmith, contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith company in Queen, NY. We will give you the best master key service.

Residential And Commercial Locksmith Services Are Available

While a residential locksmith primarily provides services for residential houses, apartments, estates, etc., a commercial locksmith renders services to commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial sites, hotels, etc. Both professional services are almost the same. Though a commercial locksmith might be dealing more with grade 1 locks than a residential locksmith, their services are slightly different.

Their services include master key system, key replacement, rekeying, lock replacement, master key, lock combination, smart security installation, lock installation, security upgrade, etc. Feel free to contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith today for any of your locksmith services.

Master Keying Operation

To get a master keying system for your building, all your lock combinations must be changed, and the pins must be adjusted to accommodate a specific master key. Note that this operation must be done for all the locks in the house. After this has been accomplished on the padlocks, door locks, and deadbolt locks you have, then there needs to be a new key cut that fits into all the locks freely and smartly. This new key is called the master key, and it opens all the locks you have assigned. To get your master key today, contact our phone line. We are available 24/07.

The master key is only disadvantaged as it reduces the layer of security on the locks as new pins are inserted into the locks, but it is of no concern once the master key is intact. Furthermore, the master keying system is far superior to the mosaic system, which allows anyone to have a spare key to the lock, jeopardizing the building’s security.

Our Locksmith Queens Service

Our Locksmith Queens service is budget-friendly and affordable for everyone in Queens, NY. You need not worry; Eddie and Sons Locksmith service is inexpensive, and there are no extra charges. Contact us today to enjoy your premium master keying service.


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