Are you having issues with your PDF files? Has it become an inconvenience? What if I tell you that there is a place on the Internet where you can solve almost all your PDF problems? The site’s name is PDFBear and it can get your work or school PDF troubles fixed.


PDF Conversions: Easy As Pie

A common inconvenience with a PDF is its editability. Although it’s frequently used by offices and schools, knowing how to make edits in a PDF is, strangely, uncommon. The ones who do know how to do it are scarce. You’re more likely to know someone with a peanut allergy than an expert PDF editor. Luckily, PDFBear gives us a way to bypass the editor and let ourselves edit our PDFs.

What the site has is a function called PDF conversion. For instance, it allows you to convert PDF to Word. Although the selection of available formats to be converted to are limited, the programmers of the site made sure to include the commonly used ones like excel, word, and jpg, to name a few. When you’ve already converted your PDF into, for example, a Word file, then you can freely edit it since you’re familiar with its format.

The question now is, what if we need or want to have our file as a PDF? What do we do after we’ve edited the document? The answer is simple. The developers didn’t forget to add a function to have your file converted back into PDF format. Once you’re done changing your file’s contents, you can then upload it back to the site and convert it back to its original PDF form.


Cut and Combine PDFs

Have you ever imagined a time when you can split and merge PDF free of charge? Before, you’d have to ask a skilled person in PDF-editing to have your PDFs split or combined. Or worse, you would not even bother getting it fixed anymore since you can’t do it by yourself. But now that you have discovered something like PDFBear, you can do all the PDF splitting and combining that you want.

Split PDFs

If you’re not familiar with what I meant for Split, it means that you can divide or split your PDF into two or more individual PDF files. Now you ask, why would you need to do that to your PDF file? A situation where you may need this is when a particular school topic needs to be divided among your groupmates or when a rather large case study needs to be done, and you have to share the workload with your fellow law associates, so you divide the PDF.

Merge PDFs

For the merging of PDF, its meaning is fairly obvious. Merging is when you combine two PDF files into one complete PDF. A circumstance where you may use this is when you want to compile your school essays into a book or combine two different reports you need to present in a meeting. 


Protect Your PDFs

Foreign threats have been a constant issue for computer users ever since the propagation of the Internet. To tackle that, people have developed programs, such as anti-virus software and firewalls, to counter these unwanted attacks. But, as our protection evolves, so does the capability of villainous people to circumvent it and get our private information. 

PDFBear can add extra padding of security to your PDF files in these types of circumstances. Its Protect PDF program places an encrypted password of your choice onto the PDF file. This means that only you and the other people you have given the password can view the document’s contents. People who are most likely to use this are typically from companies or organizations that deal with or have confidential items to keep secret.

If the time comes when you don’t need the password on your file anymore, you can always go back to PDFBear. The developers did not forget to have an Unlock PDF made just in case such a situation happens. The unlock feature allows you to remove the encrypted password you put with the Protect PDF function.  


Compression Is Key

When was the last time you took a proper look at your device’s storage? If what you saw was a bajillion PDF files from long ago intermixed with current ones and a hard drive that’s almost bursting with data, then you badly need to organize and arrange your files. Managing one’s documents is challenging and time-consuming, but with PDFBear’s help, you can do it with less hassle.

There is a function in PDFBear called Compress PDF. This particular program lets you shrink your PDF file, and by a shrink, I mean squeeze your file so that it would have a smaller file size. A rather useful feature of Compress PDF is that it finds the right balance between the shrinking of your file’s size and its quality. By doing so, compressing your PDF doesn’t affect the quality of its contents.


Repair and Restore

Everybody has or knows someone who experienced dropping their external drives or devices, and upon checking its contents, your oh-so-important PDF files have become corrupted or damaged. You know, when I say that that happening can genuinely break a person. Imagine having your hard work gone in the blink of an eye. And don’t even get me started if you want to have it restored in a computer shop. Most of the time, the price isn’t worth it.

But with this PDFBear function, your damaged PDFs could be brought back to life. Let me introduce the repair program of the site. When used, it runs its repair kit software to try and restore your corrupted PDF. I say try because its effectiveness also depends on how badly damaged the file is. If it can’t fully repair the file, it will restore it to at least a workable document.



Troubles with PDFs are commonplace, and you shouldn’t be ashamed because you’re just like anybody else. Hopefully, by using the free online functions of PDFBear, you can solve and fix all your work or school PDF inconveniences.