In 2018, we have all become aware of the fact that video content is driving the path in the substance advertising scene. This is a shock to no one that at present, YouTube, a free platform offered by Google, is the main stage for video sharing, promoting and vlogging – that’s “video blogging” for all you twerps who still haven’t gotten the hang of Internet slang.

Despite the fact that as of late, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have ventured into the video advertising diversion as well, we can say that they are missing the mark when it comes to having the same sort of effect which YouTube has.

Did you know that YouTube is such a successful platform that it literally has over a billion extraordinary visitors each month? This means that for every video that is posted, there is an extensive potential group of viewers available. What we’re trying to say is that it doesn’t matter whether your video is showing someone playing out a trick or the same-old review of a makeup product, your go-to stage for video utilization should be YouTube.



In the event that you, at present, are running a channel on YouTube, you should think about how you can increase the number of your subscribers, the number of views you are getting, and the overall reach of your recordings. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • PLAN EVERYTHING: Before you film your first video, or even begin your channel, plan it all. You are performing the art of storytelling – so make sure you’re telling a compelling story. Plot everything – from the niche of your channel to every line, action, main point and frame of every video.
  • WRITE BETTER DESCRIPTIONS: When it comes to giving a small description of the video one is posting; many people make a lot of mistakes. Some people go completely off-topic, some write 600-word paragraphs that nobody has the time to read, let’s be honest. If you want more people to be attracted to your videos, try telling a story in the description, instead of talking about the same things that they will see in the video. Remember, you have to make them want more. Try to disclose minor information in the description, so that they have no choice but to watch the video.
  • USE SEO KEYWORDS: SEO optimization of your video is a very good tip. See, if you join forces with an SEO agency and make use of their services, promoting your videos and channel becomes a piece of cake. We all know that if we use SEO keywords, our products and services start appearing at the top of the list. That can happen with videos, as well! Try to make use of SEO keywords and tags in all your videos. Don’t forget to include a keyword in the title, too!
  • GIVE YOUR VIDEO A PERSUASIVE TITLE: Titles are extremely important when it comes to bringing in more views and subscribers for your YouTube channel. Let’s be real, none of us watch videos unless their title seems compelling to us, and heightens our curiosity. Also, refrain from giving long titles to your videos. This is YouTube, no one has the time or patience to read too much. To make it simpler, ensure that all your videos have short, easy-to-read and inviting titles that leave people looking for more.
  • PAID PROMOTION: If you are not one for too much effort, don’t be ashamed – most of us aren’t. You can always just buy YouTube likes and subscribers. We all are aware of the fact that the more popularity a video or a channel has gained, the more likely most people are to get attracted to it, and visit it at least once, if not again and again. Having a large number of likes and subscribers will help in bringing more people to your channel.
  • HAVE A CUSTOMISED THUMBNAIL: It’s time to get your artistic skills out! Now that you have an up-and-running YouTube channel, you must have realized the importance of a video having a good thumbnail. Don’t let the site select a thumbnail for you automatically, that just takes away from the fun and the fact that this is your account and everything you have on it is your brand. Through your thumbnail, you can make yourself appear professional, and artistic at the same time because it shows your attention to detail. Viewers also become aware of your dedication to your art, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love dedication?
  • GET SOCIAL: Being friendly and interacting with viewers in either private messages or comments, will be one of the best things a YouTube artist does. The fans and viewers need to know that you appreciate the time and effort they put into not only watching your videos, but subscribing to your channel and commenting on your videos as well. You should show them that you are grateful by chatting with them on light topics in comments.
  • MAKE USE OF TAGS: Tags and labels on YouTube are an immense help in helping viewers recognize what your video content is exactly about and also enable the YouTube Algorithm in comprehending what exactly consumers will see when they play the video you have uploaded. These tags, alongside your title, keywords, thumbnail and description, ought to mirror the center of what your video is focusing on.
  • UTILIZE CALL TO ACTION ANNOTATIONS: For those who are not aware, “call to action” annotations are the irritating popups we see in almost every video, which tell viewers to like, share, comment and subscribe to channels. These annotations are a gift for video content creators as they get more endorsers, but are pretty annoying for viewers. The key to utilizing these is to not be irritating, but instead being subtle – because no one wants to interact with a channel who posts bad content only for the sake of buying in more subscribers.

These tips will ensure that you rise to the top with your YouTube channel.