A lot of people are going to be content with ordering your products, or worse, your competitor’s products, online. There are two ways to get people into your store: Clearly marking your location with feather flags and other signs, and creating a reason for them to leave the house. In-store events and specials can work. Classes are another way to go if they come with an incentive.

Use Your Location

Chances are you chose your location for a specific reason. Hopefully, a lot of that reason was because of the foot traffic in the area. Foot traffic doesn’t necessarily mean people walking by; it also encompasses the cars that go down your street and can see your storefront. Your responsibility is to make your store stand out more. Teardrop feather flags move and can be created to clearly state what’s inside the store. They’re stylish, mobile, and eye-catching. A nice exterior with plants can also help make the store look inviting.

In-Store Events

Harnessing the power of your social media presence, you can advertise events that will be better in person than online. You may want to broadcast the event on your social media feeds; however, you want to make sure that there’s something more for people who show up in person. An author signing is one example of something that has appeal online and in person. People can hear the author speak anywhere, but they can only get an autograph and meet the author in person.

Classes and Incentives

Classes are great, especially if you can do multiple classes across a month or six weeks. You keep a group of people coming to your space, learning about something that you can sell the supplies for. In a place that sells plants, it might be a gardening class, for example. These classes could also be recorded and put online as an additional way to get attention and help people learn about your products. If you plan to go this route, you want to supply an incentive people can only get in-store. People who sign up get an in-store discount or an exclusive item that relates to the class.

Bringing People in

One great way to get people to come to your building is to supply them with an experience that they don’t want to miss. Another great way is to clearly mark your store with feather flags and other eye-catching signs.