On October 6, at four o’clock in the afternoon, according to Pakistan time, Google held its long-awaited media event, where they presented their new phones – but also a new smartwatch and a semi-final tablet.


Just last month, after almost six months of waiting, we finally got to know everything about Google’s new devices, several of which were unveiled at Google I/On in May, but no more detailed information has been provided about them since then. Previously, we could only see a strategy similar to this on the part of Chinese manufacturers, who sell their phones in European or American countries with devices that have already appeared on the domestic market a long time ago, selling their phones as completely new devices – in this case, however, we cannot even talk about this because we did not know about the existence of Google devices. you couldn’t buy a google phone listed anywhere like the Vivo mobile price in Pakistan.

The search giant certainly wanted to get ahead of the leaks anyway, so they decided to show the appearance of their new phones themselves, but they said to reveal the full details only when they get available in the market. And so they did. In the past week, almost everything has been revealed about both the new Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch, but the event still held some surprises, so we tried to gather what you missed if you didn’t watch Google’s very creatively named Made by Google presentation.


Straight to the top category

The biggest stars of the afternoon were clearly the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which are not drastic updates compared to the previous generation, but thanks to the crease stitching, at first glance they look like surprisingly good mobile phones. This time, the Californian company paid a surprising amount of attention to the design of the new devices, which covers not only Pixel mobile phones, but also the entire ecosystem, i.e. Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds, and Pixel Tablet.

The soul of the new Pixel 7 phones will once again be Google’s self-developed Tensor chip, which is now called the G2. Although the new SoC does not bring earth-shattering innovations, fortunately, compared to the previous series, we can expect better computing and graphics performance, as well as up to 60 percent faster machine learning.


The basic Pixel 7 has a 6.3-inch display with Full HD resolution, OLED technology, capable of 90Hz refresh rate, which can emit up to 1400 nits of white brightness outdoors. The even faster fingerprint reader is integrated under the display, but thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, we also have the option of face-based unlocking using the front camera in both new Pixel phones. Strangely, the battery of the new model has shrunk from 4,600 mAh to 4,355 mAh, but the search giant still promises more than a full day’s operating time for the mobile phone. In terms of cameras, we get a 50-megapixel primary camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, in this case, we have to give up the telephoto lens.

The device housing is a combination of glass and aluminum, which enables wireless charging at up to 20 W. The basic version of the new mobile with 128 GB of storage space and 8 GB of memory will hit the shelves at a starting price of 599 dollars (Rs.133000).


On the other hand, the Pixel 7 Pro only makes special changes in the size of the display and battery, as well as the cameras. In this case, the display is now 6.7 inches, the resolution is QHD+, and the refresh rate is already 120 Hz. Compared to the Pixel 6, the bezels have become thinner, and the maximum brightness has increased by 20 percent, but the glass protecting the display is still Gorilla Glass Victus left.


Extras such as the NFC chip or the IP68 water and dust resistance rating are present in both mobiles, and thanks to the Titan M2 sub-unit found in the Tensor G2, the Pixel 7 mobiles are Google’s most secure yet. The new devices are guaranteed to be equipped with the latest security patches for at least 5 years, and they also receive Google’s own VPN application – completely free of charge. As we wrote, the basic models of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will both be equipped with 128 GB of storage, and their starting prices will be 599 and 899 US dollars (Rs.133000) & (Rs.199000).


The hour of health has struck

The second biggest star of the afternoon was, of course, the Pixel Watch, about which Google also shared countless things, but we had to wait until now to get to know the last details. As we previously reported, the Pixel Watch is the search giant’s first self-made smartwatch, which also runs its own operating system, WearOS. The Pixel Watch looks like a combination of Samsung and Apple smartwatches – borrowing the circular design from the former, and the clean design from the latter.


In terms of the casing, we can choose from three different versions (black, silver, and gold), all of which are made of stainless steel. Just like the smartwatches of the competition, Google’s attempt also wants to be a health companion, but the disadvantage is that it only has an optical heart rate monitor and EKG generator, which Apple, Samsung or Huawei watches already implemented years ago – and since then they have continued to towards the installation of sensors measuring blood oxygen and blood pressure.

In terms of straps and dials, according to Google, we will be able to put together thousands of different variations, so everyone can find the most suitable composition for themselves, but there is no point in dreaming here, just like the Pixel mobiles, the Pixel Watch will not be available in Pakistan either. The price of the new smartwatch starts at $349 (Rs.77500), and for $399 (Rs.88600) which is more expensive than a Samsung phone price in the local market. We can also get the version equipped with an eSIM.


Pre-order and availability

In addition to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as well as the Pixel Watch, Google also presented the previously rumored Pixel Tablet, but the latter device will not be released until sometime in 2023. However, the new mobile phones and the smartwatch are already available in Google’s own webshop, but we cannot report on the Pakistani release and official price this time either.