Technology has become a staple these days. Whether you are running a large MNC or a small startup, the dependency on technology is inevitable and it is only for the better because it does not make you more productive and efficient, but also significantly reduces your expenses.

Today, we will discuss some of the basic tools that you could use that could help ease your daily business activities so you can focus on what really matters that is, generating revenue rather than wasting your time on mundane and repetitive tasks.


This basic tool is an essential resource in the business world. Since it’s not always easy to carry a physical notepad, you can make use of this great tool as a substitute. With this amazing tool you get many useful functionalities such as voice notes, handwritten notes and much more.

Moreover, once you save a note on one of your devices then it automatically gets synced throughout all your connected devices. You simply won’t have to worry about forgetting any important tasks or events.


This is the ultimate tool for managing and maintaining your expense records. It is a web application that lets you record all your expenses and funds in an immaculate manner. All you need to do is simply upload the receipts of the expenses to the application and it stores all the necessary details about the transaction.

This app can prove to be quite useful in reimbursement cases since with this app you don’t need worry about people presenting fraudulent expense records to claim reimbursements as the data is verified digitally.


Every business requires significant storage capacity to maintain records online. Local storage isn’t always sufficient. Dropbox takes care of this very issue. Dropbox is an online storage system that stores your data on cloud servers.

Once you upload your data on to the server it gets synchronized throughout all your connected devices. Dropbox is free for use, however, the space is limited. In case you need more capacity, you will have to pay a small fee.


Nowadays, social media presence is imperative for any business. Businesses need to stay up to date on all relevant social media platforms in order to remain relevant to the target market. All this is simply because consumers rely on social media these days to develop opinions about everything.

With this tool you get various useful features; schedule your social media posts in advance so that your customers stay updated 24/7. Also, you can monitor and approve the content that is being published on business profiles so that inaccurate information is avoided.

Another great feature offered by this tool is the ability to monitor social media traffic of your business. You can check the region, source, time and other details regarding traffic on business profiles. It is especially useful when you are maintaining multiple brands.


Mailchimp is one of the best marketing tools a business could have. It simply automates your email marketing activity freeing up crucial time for other business activities.

Email marketing is an important activity that certainly needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. With this tool, you can arrange your emails to be sent on a predetermined schedule so that you do not miss important timestamps.


This is another great tool that works in combination with Gmail. It transforms your inbox into a smart workspace. You can categorize and mark all the important emails right in the Gmail inbox. The layout is simple and easy to understand.

Furthermore, you can mark important dates, tasks, and reminders right here so that you do not have to depend on anything else for important reminders.

Even though there are limitless apps and tools out there that can be utilized to achieve your daily business goals, you need to choose the one that match your business objectives and needs before you decide spending money. Also, to make efficient use of these apps, you need a good internet connection. So do check out incredible internet prices available on buy tv internet phone to get exceptional services at just the right cost.