Finding the right niche for your website can be quite tricky.

This is especially the case with Nordic regions experiencing higher levels of quality traffic and a higher SEO services activity in recent times. It means that you will have to work hard to find the best niche for your needs. We’ve taken a look at some of the more difficult niches that are out there, and how you should approach them.



What makes the pharma niche so difficult to rank, is that there is a huge amount of spam out there. It means that whenever you try to rank in pharma, you will be punished for the spammy nature of other websites.

It means that if you want to rank well in pharma, then you will be rewarded by making sure your site doesn’t have a spammy feel about it.

Make sure your site looks as legitimate as possible, and you will instantly rank better. If you choose to target Pharma, make sure you master Googles E-A-T.


Adult Sites

 It’s no surprise that the adult niche is bursting with established sites. After all, the internet has a large proportion of adult material in place.

As such, it can be hard to filter through everything else, in order to stand out. Especially as, just like pharma, there is a lot of spam about.

The best way to rank high with an adult site, is to make sure your site is optimized well. With so many tags related to the different videos and images, it can become messy very quickly. If you can keep on top of this, then you will be rewarded with a higher ranking.


Online Casinos

With Finnish and Norwegian casino sites hugely popular due to the monopoly in these countries, it’s not a surprise that ranking high is hard here. However, a top-quality affiliate site is capable of achieving this.

Beginner can thrive in this niche by niching down, which means choosing a sub-topic to target. Exact match domains are easier to build up than a branded domain.

A good example of this is site called, that only targets the Pay n Play Finnish keyword Pikacasinot. Its much easier to compete with a smaller topic, than try to conquer the whole spectrum of topics casino niche has.

Not just that, as sites are updated very regularly, but it’s important to ensure that you update accordingly. Otherwise, this can not only cause you to drop down the rankings, but it could also see you lose affiliate contracts if your information isn’t correct.



 Internet dating is another highly popular niche.

With a large number of sites already well established, there’s only one real tip to getting a good SEO ranking here. You will need to keep at it for the long run. Don’t expect overnight success, you will have to post regularly, and keep doing so over a long period of time.


Weight Loss

 This isn’t new to the internet, because since the dawn of photographs, people have wanted to lose weight.

As the industry is cut throat, you will have to be very quick off the mark. Some sites will index your content before you do, and rank higher than you for it. It’s why you will have to be extremely organised if you want to rank well in the weight loss niche.