There will be hardly 1 in a population of 100 who wouldn’t make faces at the sight of Karela. But well, what can you expect from a vegetable whose name itself is Bitter gourd.

But, let me tell you there’s a large part of the population consuming Karela regularly, not because of how it tastes, but for what it has to offer to you. And I am sure if you read through these cited benefits below, you will also be one of the daily Karela-eaters:

  1. Improves diabetes condition

Even if you are not suffering from diabetes, there is always a risk, especially in today’s world when the authenticity of the food is practically lost. All of us are aware that diabetes is usually caused because insulin in our bodies is not functioning in our favor. Karela or bitter gourd has a compound similar to the functioning of insulin. That is why, even traditionally, Karela and diabetes are used together. It is effective for both type I and type II diabetes. Add one glass of Karela juice to your daily diet, and trust me, soon you will say goodbye to your diabetes medicines.

  1. Get glowing skin and healthy hair

Well, there’s not a single human being on this planet who does not desire glowing skin and lustrous hair. But most of us fail to understand that it is mostly a byproduct of healthy skin and hair Karela in your diet will infuse the lost components for a glowing skin since Bitter gourd is blessed with antioxidants, as well as vital and essential Vitamins A and C. It prevents premature aging, as well as fights acne and skin blemishes. Karela is also known to fight infections related to the skin like ringworms, psoriasis, and itching. Again, the bitter glass of Karela juice to your daily regimen is the trick!

  1. Takes good care of your liver

Apart from the people seeking medical attention for the liver or struggling with alcohol addiction, even a human being who hasn’t been alarmed as yet must take care of their livers. Bitter gourd or Karela has often been called liver-friendly because of its amazing properties to maintain good liver health. It basically cleanses the liver and detoxifies it. For people struggling with alcohol, it is a good cure for hangovers as it reduces the alcohol deposits in the liver. The bladder and gut is also getting benefitted in the process.

  1. Improved digestion

There are so many of us out there struggling with our digestive routines. We look for medications, instant remedies, and every other alternative, but ditch the simple, safe and super effective natural remedies. One of them is Karela. Among other bitter gourd benefits, count this one too. Bitter Gourd is full of fiber that ultimately helps in improving the bowel movement. It also greatly helps people ailing with constipation and settles the stomach almost immediately.

  1. Prevents heart attacks

The heart is one of the most important organs of your body, a slight negative impact on it can cause suffering to your daily living. Cholesterol plays a vital role when it comes to our cardiac health the reason why Karela can be a great elixir in healing heart problems. Bitter Gourd reduces LDL, or bad cholesterol, and decreases the risks of one suffering a heart attack. Not just that, it also helps in unclogging of the arteries.

  1. Fights Cancer

Of late, cancer has been spreading like wildfire throughout the world and it’s disheartening how 17 million new cases were observed in 2018, worldwide. While Karela can’t cure this life-threatening, it can greatly help patients combat and fight cancer. How? Because Karela works against cell proliferation and stops tumor formation. Regular consumption of Bitter gourd calls for a reduced risk for various kinds of cancers.

  1. Alleviates weight loss

Overweight and obesity are nothing less than cancer especially because of the number of diseases it carries along with it. If you have also been a victim of overweight, Karela must be your best friend by now. Of course, it will not be the only thing on your diet, but, its fiber-rich and low-calorie nature can stop the formation of adipose cells because of which the body failed to store fat.

Now that you have read through the benefits, think twice before you roll your eyes at the sound of Karela. Ofcourse it doesn’t taste so good, but considering these miraculous health benefits, it shouldn’t be a major concern. After all, a little bit of bitterness isn’t as bad if the trade is healthy-life!