We probably don’t know the kind of goodness that green plants bless us with. Or we probably do, but don’t feel like appreciating them. Every plant is a sheer blessing, no matter in which size, shape, and with what qualities it comes along. Some are classified as shrubs, others as herbs. Some have blissful Feng Shui/Vaastu properties, while others have air-purifying properties. In times of crisis and environmental hazards, the latter kind of plants proves to be quite helpful. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), around 4.6 million people lose their lives to air- pollution-related diseases. But the good news is- air-purifying plants can help. If wondering how then we have got some reasons listed for you. Consider these convincing enough reasons and start growing your green thumb.

  1. Raises morale, productivity, concentration, and creativity – Don’t we just love glancing at the lush greenery and its natural beauty? This is precisely what leaves us in awe of them and helps us forget all kinds of blues. Air-purifying plants are an instant mood uplifter.
  2. Eliminates stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds – Indeed, air-purifying plants are more than just a way to liven up your workspace. NASA suggests such plants have got visually meditative properties to increase productivity and keep fatigue, stress at bay. Also, research claims plants tend to reduce cold and cough, thereby increasing attention span and blesses an individual with improved creativity.
  3. Improve indoor air quality by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen – The air we breathe should be clean to stay fit and healthy. And air purifying plants, as the name quite suggests, are known for its such beneficial properties. These plants tend to filter out all the VOCs from the air like formaldehyde, alcohols, acetone, benzene, and TCE to improve the air quality inside the house.
  4. Enhances offices by softening sterile interiors, dividing areas, and reducing noise levels – Air-purifying plants are a perfect way to reduce noise pollution in a workplace setting. Take for instance, in a call centre; you will hear dozens of conversations taking place and to work peacefully, what will you do? That is precisely where air-purifying plants come handy. Being sound-absorbing indoor plants in nature it acts as a natural sound barrier to reduce noise levels.
  5. Be pleasing to look at and therapeutic to care for – Air-purifying plants are mostly easy to maintain and so are widely used as ornamental plants. Due to its natural pattern, hue, and mesmerising appeal, it fits into any kind of decor, making it a perfect natural home decor item. It has not only been blessed with therapeutic properties but also the look of it, soothes our mind, body, and soul, effortlessly. It takes away all your gloomy days with just a single glance. Magical! Isn’t it?
  6. Acts as a mosquito repellent to keep diseases like malaria, dengue at bay – Now, many might not know this, but air-purifying plants act as a mosquito repellent due to an innate strong smell, attached to it. So, be it during dengue or malaria season, you can rest assured because you are safe around these air-purifying plants.

So, these were a few health benefits of air-purifying plants which gives us a good reason to nurture these green beauties and bring them home immediately.