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In this article, I will review a twin-stick shooter game called, HellDivers.

So, let’s begin.

What is HellDivers?

Helldiver is a top-down, twin-stick shooter game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. The director of the game was Johan Pilestedt. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment on March 3, 2015. The game was released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita first. Later in December 2015, a version for Microsoft Windows was also released via Steam. You can download the game by paying $20. It has single-player (couch) and multiplayer (online co-op) modes for up to four players. Though you can play solo it will be more fun if you co-op and sent on missions to enemy-controlled planets. The camera is set as aerial view of the game.

Plot of HellDivers

The game draws its theme from a popular fiction, Starship Troopers. The story of this game is that the government of Super-Earth, the fictional futuristic Earth, wants to save it from three hostile enemy races. The three enemy races are the Bugs, the Cyborgs, and the Illuminates. You do this by completing levels to conquer planets that are spread across different regions of space. Each planet has its own difficulty setting and its own reward in terms of unlock. The Helldivers are a pure combat unit and fight with the enemies. But they are often tasked with retrieving technology, activating oil-pumps, escorting survivors to a bunker, protecting a rocket as it prepares to launch or other activity that is deemed important by the government to preserve freedom and the Earth ‘way of life’. If you play online as a co-op, you have a chance to participate in a global Meta campaign called the Galactic Campaign. You have to fight with the enemies and save the planet. Your progress is then uploaded and it is registered as your contribution to the Galactic Campaign. But the enemies will try to counterattack and try to get control of the planet so you have to login to the game daily or frequently to defend a city planet from invading enemies. However, if you play HellDivers offline then your mission progress will not contribute to the global galactic campaign.

Missions of HellDivers

The game is about completing objectives or shooting your enemies in chaotic combat and save yourself from friendly-fire casualties. An incoming supply drop can also crush you. You need to fight three different enemy species to ensure the survival of Super-Earth. It is mostly aim-and-shoot controls and multiple enemy types. Each enemy has its own movement, abilities, and behaviors. Bugs have thick shells and attack you with their massive claws; Cyborgs wears bullet-deflecting armor so you have to carefully line your shots up with any exposed fleshy bits; and last but not the least the illuminate have high-tech war machines and snipers that can kill you with one shot.

In this game, players have a choice in making their decisions regarding where to drop, go on foot or in the vehicle, which objective to complete first, and when to call down certain pieces of equipment (referred to as stratagems in the game). Stratagems can be orbital strikes, or cargo pods containing heavy weapons or vehicles, airdropped minefields, etc. To win, players must fight or sneak through the enemy-controlled territory, complete objectives, and call a dropship to extract them from the planet. The dropship takes sixty seconds to land and extract the soldiers. As you progress in missions, you have more upgraded weapons, gun mods, upgraded points, and abilities as you level up your soldier.

In the game, enemy patrols roam the map, looking for your squad. In case patrol spots your team, you have to kill them immediately. If you don’t kill them, patrol units can call in reinforcements within few seconds and they are capable to do the real damage. HellDivers is much more fun you play on a team of up to four helldivers, all relying on each other to survive while executing carefully planned strategies involving perks and equipment. Playing the game as single-player also has its own set of challenges, but it just doesn’t offer the same experience.

Pros of HellDivers

  • Cross-play, cross-buy, and cross-save compatible. So, if you get it on PS3, PS4 or VITA you will get the other two versions for free. Also you can play or save the game across all the modes.
  • Single-player as well as Multiplayer game.
  • Seamless online and offline option to play.
  • Very well designed with the attractive art style and sound design is great.
  • Accessible menus.

Cons of HellDivers

  • The biggest con is the friendly-fire. It is so terribly easy to shoot or to be shot by your own team-mates in Helldivers. An incoming supply drop can also crush you.
  • There is no split-screen option and even in multiplayer game all players share a single camera perspective, which can get a little annoying sometimes.
  • Though the game is great but the missions and story is lacking.

Now you know all about HellDivers game which you can play solo or as a team of up to four players. So, if you are free over the weekend and your cousins or friends are coming over your place then get your hands on this game and have fun. Though there are issues like friendly-fires and split-screen options, but with its attractive art, cross-buy, cross-play features this game gives a good overall interface and you will enjoy playing it. The Galactic Campaign will make you feel that your contribution matters in saving the Super-Earth. You can also check a video review of difficulty level 15 vs Cyborg played on PC to get an idea about how this game is played. So, do check the review and download the HellDivers game on your PC or PlayStation.