Helmet Reviews – A Guide on Which Brand to Choose

When it comes to important motorcycle accessories, it’s fair to say that the helmet is one item that you really shouldn’t be cutting corners on. A rider’s helmet is the thing that can make the difference between an uncomfortable scrape and a serious accident. Not only should you be willing to pay a little bit extra for a top-quality product, you should also be making the effort to shop around and see which brands and models best suit your personal preferences. Below are two different helmets, both positive choices, but also both different in a few small ways. Take some time to consider which of these two might be a more preferable choice for your own motorcycle habits and accessory needs.


  1. Airoh GP500 Helmet – Matt Black

This is a high end CE-approved racing helmet from XLmoto that comes fitted with a top of the line MaxVision visor. The visor in question is both pin lock and tear-off ready which is much more versatile for the modern rider. Visor strength and quality is arguably one of the most important elements to be thinking about when you are comparing potential new helmets.

The helmet features a three-size composite fibre shell that contains a multiaxial system, along with aeronautical grade Kevlar to ensure maximum safety on the road. The surface-treated outer shell is UV which means that the design and aesthetic of the helmet will stay in good condition for as long as possible, and the adjustable air extractors at the back and sides of the shell make for comfortable wearing even on long rides.

In terms of an all-round helmet that is equal amounts comfortable, expertly designed and durable, you can’t get much better than the Airoh GP500. The matt black finish of the helmet is a very cool and stylish choice, something to consider if you are preoccupied with the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle ensemble.


  1. Shark Skwal 2 Helmet – Gloss White

The Shark Skwal 2 helmet is the second generation version of its original design. This particular helmet features LED lights that are neatly placed on the outer shell, not looking overly conspicuous or garish but definitely in the right spots to make sure you are seen even on the darkest of occasions.

As is starting to become the absolute norm these days, the Skwal 2 is also fitted with a Maxvision pin lock and an anti-scratch visor that will stand the test of time in hard road conditions. You won’t have to contend with any form of steaming up whilst wearing this helmet, with all the relevant tests coming back with reports of a clear view and no vision problems whatsoever.

In direct opposition to the aforementioned Airoh GP500, the Shark Skwal 2 comes in a bright glossy white finish. This might not be the preferred colour choice for a rider who prefers darker alternatives, but for those who like white, you will be hard pushed to find a cleaner or more precise looking helmet on the market right now.