Helpful Ways To Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

You may have just built a brand-new website for your business. As a business owner, it may appear spectacular, but is it working for you and generating a solid conversion rate?

An SEO agency can help improve your website’s online visibility within the organic search results. However, it may require improvement if your visitors aren’t buying your products or calling you to use your services.

To help maximise the performance of your website, it can help to make minor improvements. It would be best if you also considered seeking unbiased feedback from your customers.


Using Images and Videos

To increase the effectiveness of your website, one of the most important things is to improve how trustworthy it is perceived. It’s implausible for customers to use a business if they do not believe it is genuine and authentic.

Photos can help; however, stock photography is widespread and easy to use. Therefore, if you want customers to select your business over the competition, it helps to do things better than them.

Consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer. They may spend the day at your business helping to create fantastic high-quality photos. Ensure all employees are dressed appropriately to ensure they can achieve the best results.

Once optimised for the web, you should add them to your website. Future visitors might be more likely to use your services once they can view you and your team in action.


Adding Google Testimonials

A Google Business Profile is provided free by Google. It allows you to create a business profile for your business, and once approved, you may begin appearing in the local pack results. Also known as the map pack, it usually displays up to three profile listings.

Every page of Google is dynamically generated; however, they will generally display the map pack if the user intends to find a business in a specific area. If the search query does not include a location, Google may use other tools, such as browser history, to help determine what area they are searching for.

Favourable reviews from happy customers can help to improve the visibility of your Google Business Profile listing. Customers will often review your profile to check feedback from others before deciding whether to use your services.

However, once you have obtained a reasonable amount of reviews, adding them to your website can add another element of trust. Always respond to all reviews, as this shows both Google and potential customers you are actively managing your listing.

Online shopping / ecommerce and delivery service concept : Paper cartons with a shopping cart or trolley logo on a laptop keyboard, depicts customers order things from retailer sites via the internet.

Create a 404 Page

A 404 error is generated when a user tries to load a page of your website. However, it no longer exists or hasn’t been correctly entered into the browser. It also may happen if you change the name of a webpage name and forget to create what is known as a 301 redirection.

San Francisco web design agencies use the 301-page redirection to automatically transfer anyone visiting an old URL to a new one. If the page name is only temporary, you should consider using a 301 redirection instead. Properly updating page names helps ensure anyone who uses the old URL will be redirected to the correct page.

However, it won’t work when a customer entirely types in the wrong URL. Therefore, having a properly formatted 404 page can also help capture those customers. The correct process for creating a 404 page is to keep it simple and provide an easy alternative to finding the right page.


Limited Offers

Often, a customer may be trying to get the best deal available. Therefore, it may help to create a firm offer that is only valid for a limited time. It may encourage them to finalise their order sooner than expected. You can also use a promotional offer for new customers only, such as their first visit is half-price.

One of the biggest hurdles with using this type of strategy is because these types of offers are so frequent, they won’t always capture the customer. Therefore, rather than offering 50% off or half price, it may resonate better with the customer to provide the actual price and what is included.


Live Chat Functionality

These days, people can be time-poor, and they want answers, and they want them now. A fantastic way to help answer potential customers’ questions is by providing an online live chat function.

However, be sure you can answer customer queries immediately, or you may risk creating a negative user experience.



Hopefully, you can use some of these tips and help improve your website’s conversion rate. Consider using A/B testing to ensure your implemented changes have a positive impact.