If you are an Android smartphone user, you will come across the need to save battery as much as possible. The battery consumption of Android devices is relatively low when compared to iOS devices. Hence, all people with Android smartphones must think about getting their hands on one of the batteries saving apps. Here is a list of 9 of the best battery saving apps available for Android smartphone owners to try out. These apps would assist you to avoid frustration when you are using the Android smartphone for long hours. Of course, having the most up to date version of the phone will go a long way to avoiding these problems. Visit Harvey Norman for the latest android phone for purchase.


  1. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget has received a lot of attention in the past for helping people to save battery juice. It can be considered as one of the most powerful battery saving apps available for you to try out as well.  One of the most impressive features about this app is that it comes along with several power saving modes. These power saving modes are named as power testing, toggle control, smart saving, and power saving. It is up to you to select any power saving mode out of them as per your preferences.

  1. Battery Saver

Battery Saver is an app available exclusively for Android smartphone owners out there in the world. However, you need to keep in mind that the app is only compatible with rooted Android devices. Once installed, Battery Saver will look for the features that drain battery juice of your Android smartphone. They include sounds, Wi-Fi connectivity, display, Bluetooth, and all other similar features. When the app notices that a specific feature is consuming too much of battery power, you will be provided with a notification on how to control it.

  1. iBattery

If you are looking to download a lightweight app for battery saver apps for Android to save battery energy, iBattery is one of the best options available to try out. It is available for the people to download from the Google Play Store for free. It is one of the most popular batteries saving apps as well. In other words, more than 5 million people around the world have downloaded this app. It can help you to save battery in many ways, such as by disconnecting the internet connectivity.

  1. 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver

You will be provided with a detailed 24-hour battery consumption report by 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver. Any person who is looking for battery saver apps for Android can go ahead with this option. Once you activate the power saving mode that comes along with this application, you will be provided with an analysis of all the idle and background running apps. Then you can determine what apps are causing your battery to drain quickly. On the other hand, 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver has got the ability to keep an eye on the apps that start automatically as well.

  1. Limit Apps Running in the Background

Most apps you use are active even after you exit them. That is where Android’s app-specific battery tools enter. With a simple switch, you can completely restrict an app from accessing the battery in the background. Find this at Settings > Apps & Notifications and there, inside the specific app’s page, tap Advanced > Battery > Background restriction. If you have an older phone, you can also try a third-party app called Greenify. This automatically stop apps from consuming resources in the background. However, we recommend using the native feature on modern devices since it generally works better than third-party solutions.

  1. Manage Background Data Access for Each App

Similarly, you can cut off data access for apps you do not think should use it in the background. To reach this setting, follow the steps in #5 above but instead of Battery, select Data Usage.

  1. Monitor Misbehaving Apps

Your battery life can take a big hit if an app does not work like it is supposed to. This could be caused by anything from a bug to a deliberate aggressive background feature. You can check this by heading into Settings > Battery > Menu > Battery Usage to see which apps have drained the most of it. If there is an app you do not use much, you should uninstall it and monitor the battery for a day to see if it improves. You can also force-close the app and give it another shot. If nothing proves useful, get rid of it and switch to an alternative. And make sure you do not have any of the worst Android battery killers on your phone.

  1. Switch to Lite or Progressive Web Apps

Another nifty method that does not require much sacrifice and still extends your phone’s battery life is switching to lite or progressive web apps. These are slimmed-down versions of apps available in a browser. Companies offer them to make the experience better on underpowered phones. They take fewer resources, but you will not miss out on much.

  1. Disable Google Assistant

While Google Assistant is a handy tool to have for fun and work, it is also one of the Android features that constantly gobbles up your phone’s energy. It is listening for the wake command, is connected to your location for instantly fetching contextual results, and more. If you do not heavily depend on Google Assistant, it is best to shutter it. Unsurprisingly, Google has not made Assistant’s switch easy to reach. You must jump through a few hoops to find it. First, go into the Google app and hit the More tab. There, tap Settings and under the Google Assistant header, tap Settings again. Next, select the Assistant tab and there, tap your phone’s name at the bottom of the list. Turn off the Google Assistant option and you are done. So, there you have it, 9 ways to treat and help with your android phone batteries life. For the latest android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy s20, visit Harvey Norman now.