It’s no secret that mobiles are everywhere and we stick to them, all the time! In the past year, 2020, the average daily usage of mobile phones exceeded 4 hours. That can explain the 218 billion mobile app downloads and $143 billion annual revenue of the same year.

Mobile apps are downloadable software applications that cannot be accessed without having them on your device. They are different from mobile websites that are responsive sites accessible through mobile web browsers, and not through download. That is a difference between mobile apps and mobile websites that should be considered.

So, which one is better, mobile apps or responsive sites? Well, building a responsive site can be simpler and less time-consuming than developing an app. But there are benefits to having your custom mobile application on your users’ mobile devices.


Advantages of Mobile Apps to Mobile Websites

If you have thought about making an online presence for your business, chances are you have thought of making your website. Or, you have stepped further to contact one of the 10 top web design companies to build it for you.

Exploring the web development possibilities, you become familiar with responsive websites, which are flexible to various devices. However, having a responsive website is not just enough to engage mobile users. They crave something beyond just a mobile-friendly website.

There are some advantages to building a mobile app than developing a responsive mobile website. Here is a brief list of these advantages:

  1. Better user experience

With your custom mobile application, you can create a unique and unforgettable experience for your users. Considering this can increase their engagement with your brand.

  1. Ability to send push notifications

The users who have downloaded your app are already interested in your brand. They are a much easier target for your advertising campaigns. You can easily reach them using push or in-app notifications.

Sending push notifications on your app can be a more effective promotional strategy than others like Youtube campaigns. It also includes less cost compared to Youtube ads cost.

  1. In-app payments

Although you can enable payments on a responsive website, payments in mobile applications are more convenient for users. This way you can enhance the user experience as well.

  1. Offline accessibility

Many of the application features are only available through the internet, e.g., in-app purchase, calls, maps, etc. But, your users can still access some of your app features and business details offline.


It is a great way of letting your customers have your business information even if they are offline. They can access some information offline such as open hours, menus, products, etc.

These reasons are more than enough to motivate you to build a mobile app.


How Can I Build a Mobile App?

A brief look into the history of social media shows about 91% of the users access it through mobile devices. This shows the popularity of this device among people, and you should consider this for your business success.

If you want to get started with your mobile application development without coding, there are app builders to help you. Just like website builders, app builders help you create mobile apps without the fear of coding.


3 Platforms for Developing A Mobile App

If you have decided to DIY the app let’s dive into a brief list of the top mobile app builders:

  1. Appery

Appery can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps. Make your custom app by simple drag and drops in the visual editor of Appery.

The good news is that you don’t even need to download or install it on your system, as it is a cloud-based tool.

  1. Mobile Roadie

It’s another simple platform to realize your app idea. Make your custom Android and iOS app with the visual editor of Mobile Roadie.

You can simply import data from your RSS, Twitter, or Google News to communicate seamlessly with your users.

Mobile Roadie also enables push notifications, by which you can notify users of your content or the platform’s content.

  1. GameSalad

This amazing app builder enables you to make games and publish them. GameSalad makes it possible to develop without coding knowledge, by using a drag and drop editor.

You can make and edit your games using the scene and actor editor feature of GameSalad. There is also a community forum, through which valuable game developers’ experiences are accessible.

Although the above tools help you realize many simple app ideas, you may need to hire app developers for complex ones. One of the examples of complex apps that need hiring pro mobile app developers are taxi apps like Uber and Ola.


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