Bed bugs are the scourge of many bedrooms all over the world. After having decades of recession, they are on the upswing once again. Particularly in crowded areas like New York, bed bugs have a lot of blood to drink and plenty of people to drink it from. It can be a pain figuring out precisely where they are, but this is essential to treat the problem effectively.



How They Got In


Contrary to some people’s beliefs, bed bugs are able to travel even to clean homes. In some cases, the bugs will ride on or in your luggage, even if you only put it down on a bed or carpet “for a second.” They can also ride on clothing when you sit down on a piece of furniture. Hotels, even in upscale areas that charge heavily, can become hotspots for bed bug activity from merely having so many people passing through. Where there is warmth, blood and carbon dioxide, bed bugs will come as quickly as they can.


In any event, once bed bugs have made it to your home, you have to deal with this problem. They are not going to go away on their own.



Why Bed Bugs are Bad


There has never been a case of someone dying as a direct result of having a bed bug bite. But this does not mean that the problem can just go without being dealt with. Some issues can stem from having a bed bug infestation.


For one, your sleep is not going to be as good when you are repeatedly assaulted by these itch causing little monsters. Itching and being uncomfortable are severe problems for your personal morale, and it will not get better without proactive treatment. No matter who you are, your health is not going to be as good if you are not sleeping as much, or having a fitful sleep.


In some cases, you may be allergic to bed bugs. Some people have no symptoms at all from being bitten, while other people have itchy red spots that can become rashes. Still, other people are allergic, and they can have more significant health complaints.


As you itch, you can end up opening up your skin. This can give you a secondary infection, which actually can be a serious problem if left untreated. Not having the bed bugs in the first place is the simplest way to stop the entire series of events.



Finding the Bed Bugs


There are specially trained dogs that can sniff out bed bugs wherever they are. Every bedbug makes a scent that can be tracked, and dogs can find them with extraordinary accuracy. Hiring a company that uses dogs is safe, highly accurate and lets you knock out the bugs immediately, wherever they might be hiding. No bug is safe from a properly trained dog.


There are a lot of pluses for hiring a Bed bug sniffing dog in New York, consider doing that now instead of waiting until the situation gets even worse.

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