The idea of being an employed writer is one that has crossed many American’s minds. As a matter of fact, a whopping 80% of US people polled said they’d love to be an author according to a 2011 study.

While being an author is well and good, it’s far from the only remote writing jobs a person can get that can be fulfilling on a creative level. Writers are needed by marketing agencies, mom and pop shops, industrial training organizations, and more.

So then, how can you become a professional writer and start making money from the comfort of your home? Our team shares a few pragmatic steps that can get you on track.

Know Your Niche

As we’ve mentioned, there are ample writing jobs one can pursue. To give yourself the best chance of finding employment, you must have a grasp on what kinds of writing you’re open to.

Are you exclusively interested in being a fiction author? Are you open to writing blog posts, white papers, and PR releases?

Take the time to learn all about the different kinds of writing people pay for and decide what you’re interested in.

Put Together Your Resume/Samples

With your writing niche(s) selected, you’ll have to get ready to sell yourself to employers that are filling remote writing jobs. To do this, you’ll compile 2 to 3 samples that showcase your skills in a niche and a resume that outlines your relevant professional experience.

There are writing resume templates online you can use to understand some of the format intricacies writing resumes have that you might not see in a standard resume.

Put your materials together, get feedback from family and friends, and get ready to start reaching out to job listings!

Go the Freelance Route

A great way to grab quick work, experience, and seriously boost your income at home is to search for freelance writing jobs. Freelance writing jobs are offered by businesses on an a-la-carte basis, although some freelance assignments can be ongoing.

You can find freelance writing jobs through several freelance/gig boards online.

Simply reach out to postings that interest you, share your resume and samples if requested, and follow-up if you don’t hear back within 3 days or so.

Opt for Full-Time Employment

If you’re lucky enough to bump into a full-time writing job you’d be interested in, don’t hesitate to apply! Full-time jobs are great because they tend to pay benefits and objectively offer more stability than hopping around freelance gigs.

Full-time jobs will likely have more rigorous interviews, vetting, and professional requirements so buckle up for what could be a long process.

Remote Writing Jobs Are Readily Available So Get Out There and Start Looking

In up and down economies, companies hire writers across certain niches (particularly marketing). Consequently, if you’re looking for a career shift today or would just like to make some extra money as a writer, don’t hesitate to follow the remote writing jobs steps we’ve just shared.

For additional lifestyle advice, our team welcomes you to browse more of the exciting new content on our blog!