It has become really hard these days to take out time from your busy schedule to do official things that might take a lot of your time. One of these things is getting passport photos. Technology has given you a chance to make online passport photos at home.

Creating online passport photos has become an easy game for users so they don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting in a long queue for getting your photos for official documents.

There are numerous online passport photos making websites and apps which offer easy yet understandable methods through which you can create and print your photos.

Although you can find multiple apps and websites over the internet, we will review the best one available in town, The Photo App.

For your ease, we will break down the procedure into 7 easy steps.

So let’s get started.

Step 1

Step 1 involves visiting your desired passport photo making website or app. In this case, you can easily access The Photo App via your phone, laptop or personal computer. After that, you are required to meet all the standard rules and regulations for a passport photo such as posing, expression and background.

Although you can manually create your passport photos online, The Photo App offers services to make the required changes by charging an affordable price.

We will first discuss the manual procedure.

Step 2

At this stage, you need to select a photo type you want. Different countries have different types of passport photos, each having various size dimensions that fits their requirements. That is why, selecting the photo type is a crucial step for a more official look.

Step 3

The next step is selecting paper size. In this step, you are supposed to select the type of paper on which you want your photo to get printed.

If you are planning to go for a single soft copy for some online application, then you can select the “individual/single” photo option.

If one is going to take a print out himself/herself, then he/she needs to check for the size of the photo paper that you have and select the same here.

Similarly, if you are going to print it through a drug store or other online services such as The Photo App, you need to look into their supported photo paper sizes and enter the paper of your choice. For example, 6×4, A4, A5 etc.

Pro tip: If you want multiple passport photo copies  in a single print, you should select a large paper.

Step 4

In the next step, you need to upload the picture you have taken for making a passport photo. (Make sure you upload an image of good quality).

You also need to consider the rules and requirements set by your government regarding passport photos.

Step 5

This step requires careful editing. You need to crop the photo as per regulations focusing on face as the centre.

You will see the live representation of your cropped photo on your screen for accurate photo editing.

Step 6

After getting done with the editing, you need to download the edited photo. You can do it by clicking the download button and it will download to your gadget.

Step 7

The last step is printing the photo. Before you take a print out, make sure you read your country’s passport photo guidelines and design your downloaded image accordingly.

After that, you can print your photos online at home or get professional services from any drug store.


Print your photos at home

Since you are making your online passport photos manually, you need a color printer at home for having those perfect passport sized photos.

Pro tip 2: If you want a glossy print, use any paper with a glossy texture available on stores for printing. If you like a matte print, then you can use any paper of the same size as per the downloaded photo size with a matte effect for printing.


The Photo App Services

Although The Photo App offers full services from editing to printing, you still have to make sure that your photos are perfect for a passport.

Some important factors you need to take care of are as follows;

  • Do not wear coloured glasses
  • Do not smile widely or press your lips
  • Try to remove fringe from your face
  • Make sure you click your photo in white or grey background
  • Try to maintain neutral facial expressions
  • It is advisable to ask someone to click your photo at eye level, in a well lit area and the photo should include full head and full shoulders.

Once you’re done with taking your photo, all you need to do is, send them your photo and relax back till you receive your delivery.


The Photo App Expertise

The Photo App is a team of ID photo experts with over 20 years of experience in ID photo production. Unlike other online photo services providers, they do not use auto-generated software. They study each photo and make necessary additions along with validation before delivery is made. It has been seen that their visa and passport photos have a 99.9% approval rate.


Photo App Payment Strategy

You can pay with PayPal and that too without having a PayPal account. What you need to do is select the second option “Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card” and make your payment in minutes.

Their services cost £5.99 only for 6 approved  and validated printed passport photos and visa photos. The standard delivery time is 6-10 working days and you what’s more exciting? They offer free delivery charges for UK residents!

However you can place a request for faster delivery services by choosing various delivery options. As for UK customers, you can request the order to next day delivery if ordered before 1:00 pm.

So now you know what to do with your pictures to give them a perfect official-like photos without having to wait in line for your turn.