You may have come across people complaining about not getting the right amount of time to invest in working out. This is really just one of the most commonly heard excuses out there for not taking out the time to exercise to stay fit and healthy.

However, it is important to know that working out and exercising to stay fit doesn’t really have to be a laborious endeavor. One may even be able to notice some massive results with just a few minutes of workout or exercise every day, that too without needing to leave your home. All you need to do is work out the right way!

An Introduction to the Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer is basically a resistance exercise equipment created for the purpose of building muscle and strength. It was created first in San Francisco by an engineering student in the year, 1979.

Using the Bowflex Max Trainer, one may easily get the workout they require to tone their muscle, burn body fat and even enhance their metabolism in just a matter of 14 minutes.

This is a modern, ground-breaking fitness tool that combines the movement of an elliptical with that of a stair master into one high-intensity workout for your full body. This machine can help you burn almost twice the number of calories that you would’ve burnt otherwise, and also involve your upper body more effectively than the typical cardio machines ever could. The Bowflex Max Trainer requires just 14 minutes to deliver the health, fitness and respiratory advantages of a workout as compared to all other types of workouts.

How Does the Bowflex Max Trainer Work?

The Bowflex Max Trainer workout basically depends up on a high-intensity exercise which is an exclusive style of training that has been praised as a great method to exercise by fitness experts, as well as by the scientists. Sean McDevitt as a Fitness Enthusiast and World Bodysurfing Champion once praised this type of workout and regarded it as an efficient and effective one because trainers need to work for a very little time to be able to enjoy massive results.


There are many benefits of the HIIT workout that the Bowflex Max Trainer offers. These include:

1.     Weight-loss.

This is the kind of inventive workout that can help you burn fat and up to 300 calories in every session of 14 minutes. When this unique piece of workout machine was introduced first, the original trial group was able to lose as many as a total of 395 pounds in just 10 weeks.

2.     General fitness:

The high-intensity interval training not only helps enhance your stamina but also your endurance level. In fact, McDevitt claimed it to be rather beneficial for a person’s cardiac health and keeps their cardio systems functioning properly.

3.     Strength:

The kind of workout that Max Trainer offers has the power to include your entire body, which helps strengthen the lower body, the core, as well as the muscles of your upper body.

4.     Helps Burn Calories Later on:

The Max Workout comprises of some periods of intense activity with intervals for the body to cool down. This way, it has the ability to trick an individual’s body in such a way that it makes it work harder while improving the metabolism, so that one may be able to continue to burn more calories for many hours later on.

Models of Bowflex Max Trainer:

At present, there are two models of this machine which can allow you to carry out the radical Max workout from the comforts of your home. Both these models are able to provide you with the high-intensity Max workout. However, there still are are some major differences between both models.

·       Bowflex Max Trainer M3:

The Bowflex M3 Max Trainer comprises of the classic Max Interval workout and also a manual setting which you may use to regulate the various different intensities yourself. It has a collaborative display which represents the number of calories that you are able to burn every minute and also displays your activity level targets for you. Plus, the chest strap displays the heart rate.

The M3 is basically a compact model. This allows it to fit into your garage, living room or your workout space rather easily. This lustrous machine comes with a warranty for a year, as well as a return policy of six weeks.

·       Bowflex Max Trainer M5:

The Bowflex M5 Max Trainer comprises of all of the amazing features that the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 has. It also offers 8 more pre-programmed exercises for you for prolonged sessions, besides the 14-minute manual and Max Interval workouts. You may choose targeted exercises such as “Fat Burn”, “Calorie Burn” and “Fitness Test” depending on your goals.

During your workout, you may also keep a check on your heart rate using the integrated contact grips or the chest strap. The M5 comes with the Bluetooth options as well so that the trainers can also sync their workout using the free App for this machine. The bonus is that you may get the Bowflex M5 Max Trainer shipped to you without any charges with a free shipping coupon.


It is important to note that for most of the people working out, the Bowflex brought at home might not bring figures as impressive as they get to see in the Bowflex’s ads. And they certainly aren’t the best workout for competitive trainers.

Furthermore, keep in mind that one can only enjoy the most effective results from any resistance exercise program if they also follow a healthy diet, as well as get enough rest between their training and workouts. Exercising regularly is essential for our well-being, health, as well as functionality as humans.

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