In the U.K. it’s certainly not unusual to hear about burglaries. It’s not unusual to hear about or to witness trespassing occurring. We regularly hear about, and perhaps see, acts of vandalism. We know that anti-social behaviour is a daily event. And we regularly read in the newspapers about personal attacks.


how hiring a security firm can make your community safer

These sorts of incidents can prove to be extremely traumatic. They can leave residents with a sense of vulnerability.

There’s a need to secure our homes and property and a desire to protect our families in whatever way we can. And it’s a need that will likely never relinquish its ever-present hold.

When you hire a security firm it can make your community safer. Residential street patrol schemes, for example, have already proven to be very successful in many U.K. vicinities.


What is a Residential Street Patrol and How Can You as a Local Resident Benefit?

Residential street patrols are the business of professional, qualified, security officers. These security officers are employed to patrol neighbourhoods countrywide.

Residential street patrols don’t merely cater to a visual deterrent. They actively seek out any sign of a crime being committed. They provide residents with appropriate help whenever necessary. They also share relevant information with the police.

Professional street patrols of this nature have proven to be a far more successful deterrent to mischief behaviour than groups of volunteers establishing neighbourhood watch schemes.

The key benefit of a residential street patrol operation is that it works to reduce the rate of crime. This occurs because security officers actively patrol neighbourhoods which, in turn, increases the potential for criminals to be caught and turned over to the police.

It’s already been demonstrated that this in and of itself is a particularly effective tactic to be used in the prevention of crime. U.K. neighbourhoods that have already engaged the services of residential street patrol companies have proven to become much safer habitats than neighbourhoods that must rely exclusively on the occasional police patrol passing through.

U.K police forces are incapable of providing the manpower that would be necessary to cover every neighbourhood as efficiently and effectively as they would wish. In England and Wales, from March 2010 to March 2019, the number of police officers fell by almost 21,000. The manpower cuts are expected to continue.

On the contrary, residential security patrols offer a persistent security presence, irrespective the size of the neighbourhood.

The majority of residential security patrol officers wear ID badges and an easily identifiable uniform. They don tactical vests, carry handcuffs, have CCTV cameras attached to their uniforms, carry surgical gloves as well as facemasks (used to provide first aid treatment in addition to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation should the need arise).

For the most part, residential security patrol officers are vetted to the government standard. They are fully conversant with handcuffing procedures and with first aid techniques to an advanced level.

Patrol vehicles are easily identifiable. The vehicles are equipped with first aid equipment, with oxygen, and with defibrillators. They are also kitted with dashboard CCTV cameras and roof lighting.

The advantages of employing a neighbourhood security patrol are clear to anyone.

A further advantage is that residential security patrols alleviate pressure on neighbourhood residents. While most residents have a strong desire to make their streets a safer place, it’s not easy to organise resident patrols and to establish a presence that is constant.

With a dedicated residential security patrol, the burden on residents is removed.

Because professional residential security patrols equate to a continual physical neighbourhood presence, an immediate response is always available. With an immediate response it significantly heightens your personal safety as well as the safety of your property.

It is the remit of private security firms to provide residential security patrols. Hence, the question always arises: “How much does it cost to employ a security firm in this manner?” And the main concern is that it’s likely to be very expensive.

The cost is dependent on the level of service required, inclusive of the number of officers needed to patrol the area to be effective. And it’s probably far less expensive than what you’re thinking.

Typically, as a starting price, a private security firm will charge around £10 per month to each individual household within a neighbourhood. Needless to say, that’s a relatively small price to pay given that a significantly reduced crime rate and a sense of safety on the streets is something that almost everyone would want.