The role of a home in our lives serves as a de-stress antidote in our lives. Whether you decide to provide renovation to your humble abode or prefer to buy a new one, along with many other things, you would definitely agree that you make countless plans with your family to decorate your home.

As much as it is crucial to adorn the interior of your house, the exterior is as important. Be it large backyards or huge front lawns, this outdoor area of your house is always going to catch attention.

Are you worried about finding the right accessory to embellish your outdoor space? Don’t be. We bring you a review of an amazing online shopping store Outdoor Fountain Pros.


Lets dig into the details!


What is Outdoor Fountain Pros?

To make your outdoor space look attractive and cozy, Outdoor Fountain Pros bring you a range of outdoor fountains of affordable prices to help you choose the perfect accessory for your backyards, laws and patios. From providing solar powered garden fountains for your backyard to Corner Outdoor Fountains and glass outdoor fountains to place in your patios, Outdoor Fountain Pros have anything you can possibly dream of.

It is always important to take into account the type of fountain that will compliment your outdoor space. Also, the size of the fountain coupled with its location in your outdoor space and water supply needs careful planning.


Types of Mountains Available at Outdoor Fountain Pros

If you’re finding it hard to put your finger on the right one, we’ll explain to you the types of fountains which will look good for your potential decoration space.

  1. Bubbling Fountain: This type of fountain vaguely resembles a large bird bath with a channel of water that bubbles up from the centre. A kind like this is undoubtedly a great attraction for your yard. Placed in the middle of your outdoor space, you can enhance the view by placing landscaping and gardening ideas.
  2. Raining Fountain: As the name suggests, a raining fountain looks like a beaded curtain which contains falling water. These types of fountains are a perfect fit to your garden.
  3. Pouring Fountain: Just like shown in movies, pouring fountain adds royalty to your outdoor space. With a two-three storey fountain, this fountain varies in size. The best part about these types of fountains is that they can be as accommodating to fit into a yard. Also, you can ask to get your fountains customized according to your requirements.
  4. Cascading Tiered Fountain: This type of fountain is especially seen in large hotel lobbies where water seems to trickle down into lower bowls as it overflows the upper ones. Cascading Tiered Fountains can be seen in almost every corner of your city further allowing our viewers to know that these fountains look beautiful regardless of the location.

Categories of Outdoor Fountains:

As we mentioned before, Outdoor Fountain Pros have dozens of categories to choose from.

We will discuss a few of these categories in detail to make things more clear for our viewers;

  • Angel Outdoor Fountain: These fountains are an absolute essential part to supplement the amount of calm and serenity provided by the sound of water. With angels inspired statues neatly carved into the ceramic, these fountains can be used to decorate churches which in turn will give an aura of purity and innocence
  • Cast Stone Fountains: With a tinge of modernism, these cast stones fountains are built in such a way to make the fountains look like naturally aged stones dating back to the earliest centuries. For those who live for the love life of history and heritage, this fountain is exactly what you are looking for. On a rainy day, one can always enjoy reading Roman history books in his/her garden with the sound of water trickling down from the fountain. Also, it can also be used as a decorative centerpiece in museums and other historical and heritage sites.
  • Modern Outdoor Fountains: Now let’s come back to the twenty-first century. We know that a good population of people like to stick to contemporary art and structure. And that’s why Outdoor Fountains Pros have taken care of that as well. Modern Outdoor Fountains are made of cast stone concrete and as soon as you land your eyes on this collection of Outdoor Fountain Pros, you’ll feel lucky to come across this online store. This modish decoration is accommodation friendly. This means if you have got a small yard, patio or lawn, you can still rethink about all those home makeover ideas.
  • People Outdoor Fountain: Statues depict art and inspiration. Decorative water fountains offer a soothing effect to our environment and one can always enjoy the scene to take a break from fanatic business activities. Their collection of these types of fountains is affordable as well as gorgeous.
  • Wall Outdoor Fountains: If you are looking for something simple yet elegant, they have got some amazing variety of wall outdoor fountains for those who don’t want anything extra. These wall outdoor fountains can be placed on your patio or at one of the corners of your garden to give a wholesome and natural look to your garden. Enjoying evening sunset in your outdoor space is going to be exciting, isn’t it?

These are just some of the categories of fountains we have mentioned. They have much more to make your shopping experience an unforgettable one.


How to shop?

What you need to do first, is go to their website and create an account. This super easy and hassle free process is hardly going to cost you 5 minutes and once you’re done entering relevant personal details, you’re all set to shop.


Minimum to Maximum Price of Fountains

For your ease and convenience, they have a range of prices to make you feel comfortable with shopping. The following range will help you to select the outdoor accessories which fall into your budget;

  • $50-$200
  • $201-$500
  • $501-$1000
  • $1001-$2000
  • $2001-$5000
  • $5000 onwards

List of Brands

Outdoor Fountains Pros offer outdoor accessories manufactured by renowned brands which strengthens their credibility. Here is the last of some of these brands;

  • Als Garden Art
  • Campania International
  • Gist
  • Henri Studio
  • Gianni Garden
  • Phoenix Precast Products
  • Bluworld USA
  • Kenroy Home
  • Harmony Fountains
  • A&B Homes
  • Alpine


Payment Strategy of Outdoor Fountain Pros

Their payment method is approachable and easy to use. They accept payments through PayPal, UCB, Visa Cards etc. For more information, check out their website to see a list of payment methods and choose the one which suits your demands.

So what are you waiting for? Head to their website today, create your account and decorate your domicile to make your own mini heaven.

Happy Shopping!