Hosted dialer solution: what is it and how can you benefit from it

Processing huge contact lists is a common task for thousands of businesses all around the world, but the fact is that this task is still challenging and requires much effort and attention to be done well. What if we say that with hosted auto dialer software massive lead bases will never be a problem for you anymore? What if this technology is much more beneficial than you could guess? Let’s find it out.


What is the hosted auto dialer solution?

Hosted auto dialer software is a software tool that automatically dials phone numbers from the contact list, so manual dialing is no longer needed. The software works easily: you download a lead base into it, start the dialing process, and sit down and wait until the first contact is linked to the agent. 

Hosted auto dialer has also some interesting features that make the dialing process even more effective. First of all, it can detect unsuccessful dials and don’t link them to the agent, but use customizable redialing rules to reach those leads later. Secondly, the hosted dialer solution has powerful reporting capabilities thanks to live dashboards. This option allows you to track all vital KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of your campaigns in real-time mode. Finally, the hosted auto dialer can run multiple campaigns at the same time, which means you can process a few contact lists instead of one simultaneously. 

By the way, if you think that this is the end of the list of hosted dialer software’s benefits, you are wrong.


What are the types of a hosted auto dialer solution? 

Hosted auto dialer software isn’t a single and universal solution – as the modern customer service and telemarketing industry is changing dramatically fast, businesses need solutions that are as customizable and personalized as possible, and auto dialer software isn’t an exclusion. 

There are three main types of outbound dialers – the Predictive dialer, the Power dialer, and the Preview dialer. Let’s discover the differences and benefits of each of them. 


Predictive dialer

Predictive dialer is the fastest hosted auto dialer software tool on the market. It can perform around 75 successful calls per hour, with a 75% of response rate(100 dialing attempts per hour on average, as you could guess). This means that the Predictive dialer has the highest connection rate score and the fastest dialing speed, and these rates are achievable thanks to the Predictive dialer’s advanced algorithms – it can use the average call duration of each agent to start dialing another contact from the list even when the operator is still processing his previous call. As follows from the previous statement, the Predictive dialer boosts agent occupancy rate up to 80%. 

The Predictive dialer is perfect for handling cold bases, performing lead generation, and cold outbound telemarketing. 


Power dialer

Power dialer is the next type of hosted dialer solution and its dialing speed is around 75 dials per hour with at least a 50% of connection rate – the connection rate can reach up to 80% if you use a warm base with high-quality leads. Yes, after seeing the Predictive dialer’s stats it looks worse, but the Power dialer has three main advantages over the Predictive dialer. 

First of all, it can never cause dropped calls, while a poorly configured Predictive dialer can. Secondly, it requires only one agent to be working – while the Predictive dialer needs at least five. Finally, the Power dialer can leave cold voicemails – the Predictive dialer doesn’t have this feature. 

The power dialer is perfect for warm bases, bases of current customers, customer retention calls, and so on. 

Preview dialer

Preview dialer works the same as Power dialer, but it has one main difference from it – it shows customer data from the CRM system before each dialing attempt, not during a call as it is in the case of Predictive dialer or Power dialer. What does it mean and what are the main fields of use of the Preview dialer?
Well, the Preview dialer is an ideal solution for processing VIP customers or lead bases that need a high personalization of service. Before each dial, the agent can take a look at the customer’s card to make a decision – whether to call this client or not. Additionally, the Preview dialer lets agents be totally prepared before each call, so it means you can be absolutely sure that your high-net-worth customers will achieve the service they desire. 

The dialing speed of the Preview dialer is around 50 dialing attempts per hour, with 50% of connected calls on average(can be more if the base is a high-quality base). 


Other features of hosted auto dialer software

Call recording

Want you to be sure that your agents are doing their best during outbound calling campaigns? Now it is no need to worry about it – use the call recording option to check each outbound call performed by agents. Moreover, these calls can greatly improve your training sessions for agents. 


Call scripts

Our hosted dialer solution has dynamic scripting tools, which means agents will be able to get absolute control over call flow in any situation. You can either import your current scripts into the interface of cold calling software or construct new scripts using the script editor. 


Call monitoring

Do you want to control the calls of your agents in a real-time mode? If yes, use a call monitoring option available in three different modes – hidden, whispering, and barging-in. Don’t let your agents get into trouble and lose a deal, or just use it to stay assured that agents do their work as they should do it!



As you can see, hosted auto dialer software offers numerous advantages and benefits for your business, but the question remains – where to get such a universal solution? We have an answer – check this link to find out that our auto dialer software can do even more than we have described in this article!