How A New Roof Can Save You Energy and Raise Your Property Value

Back in the 19th century, builders preferred to use wood, slate, and clay tiles for building roofs. These materials protected the house from ultraviolet light and rain. As the years went by, builders in the 20th century started thinking more of materials that are fire-resistant, have better shapes, and finely textured coatings. Nowadays, roofing systems have become a broader industry than just getting the proper materials to build them with. Their purpose has focused on functionality as well and became known to help you save energy and raise the value of your property. 


An eco-friendly roof over your head

Nowadays, the use of materials has evolved; they became more eco-friendly, affordable, and energy efficient. Lately, the use of asphalt roofing and many other materials has become very common. According to the professionals at Bell Roofing Company, they believe the reason for the common and popular use of asphalt nowadays is for its low cost, its ability to deflect sunlight, and good insulation properties. Many contractors prefer the use of such materials for better function and durability. 


How can replacing your roof save you energy?

Many modern designs and materials are known to be eco-friendly, thus helping you cut down on your energy bills. Architectural shingles; for example, are known to be appealing in design as well as low in cost. They help you save a lot of energy as they technically pay for themselves. The thing here is that the right choice of material will help you save energy by reducing your cooling/heating costs due to their good insulation properties. They are also safe, as they can resist fire, withstand high winds, and might even protect you against any lightning strikes. All of these properties are good enough to make your roof need less maintenance than it did before. 


How can a new roof raise your property value?  

Investing in a new roof will back you up when you put your property on sale. Many statistics have shown that such an update to your roof can get you up to 67% to 68% of your investment. It helps increase its value for several reasons. Think of the pleasing appeal of a new and aesthetically designed roof; a shiny and attractive boost to your roof is what people would be attracted to, no doubt. Other than the exterior appeal, think of the interior benefits as well that would boost your entire property. Having a sustainable roof will save you from piles of maintenance bills that are caused by leaking, cracking, flooding, and many other costly issues. So, it’s like you’re offering the buyer a real deal, which is a newly updated roof that will save you from all of these inevitability issues. 


Roofs are one of the most vital architectural elements in your property. It shoulders a lot of responsibilities as it protects the entire structure and occupants beneath it. That is why they are very important and must be durable enough to sustain such a responsibility. By getting a new roof, you will be able to save more energy and raise your property value as well.