How an Australian Software Company has Streamlined Criminal Record Checks for Businesses Looking to Recruit Staff in Australia

About 86% of Australian employers carry out criminal history checks on potential hires. This is because it gives them insight into the criminal past of applicants. With this information, employers can make informed hiring decisions.

With the advent of online police checks, obtaining this information has never been easier. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) works with Australian police agencies to deliver national police checking service. They accredit Australian software companies to make this service available to the public.

Australian National Character Check is an accredited provider of Nationally coordinated criminal history checks. For businesses looking to recruit staff in Australia, their service is highly recommended. Here are the ways in which Australian National Character Check’s criminal history check has helped streamline the hiring process.

  • Fast and Convenient

Gone are the days when HR managers had to fill long papers forms and stand in long queues just to obtain a police check. With online police check platforms, HR professionals can order for a national police check on applicants from the comfort of their office. These online forms take minutes to fill and the results are made available in less than a day – at most, 3 business working days. Note that consent from the applicant is required before a criminal history check can be carried out on them.

  • Higher Bargaining Power for Businesses

When top talents are searching for a job, chances are they’ve applied to multiple places. In most instances, they’re more likely to accept the offer of the first company that responds to them. If a company’s hiring process is fast, they get to attract the best talents before other companies do. For slower companies, they’d have lost their bargaining power because they’ll have to beat what quicker companies have offered the applicant. Obtaining criminal history checks doesn’t delay the hiring process.

  • National in Scope

Irrespective of where the applicant is located, employers can easily carry out criminal history checks on prospective employees.

  • Versatility

Criminal history checks are only a part of screening checks. For many job positions, different types of background checks will be required, from education and employment verification to credit history checks. It’s possible to obtain criminal history checks, as well as bankruptcy checks and VEVO checks.


Wrap Up

Criminal history checks are extremely beneficial because they help employers make prudent hiring decisions. They ensure workplace safety by helping to filter out applicants with multiple charges of violence or sex offenders. By keeping a safe work environment, employees can be more productive.

Australian software companies like Australian National Character Check make the process of obtaining criminal history checks on applicants and employees seamless. Businesses should take advantage of it to help them recruit the best talents in Australia to thrive.