How can I design my wedding?


Have you finally found the love of your life? If you are thinking of finally getting engaged, you will have already realized that organizing a wedding is not that simple. But don’t worry, here we will show you the easiest way to have a wedding, we will take you by the hand so that this day is as perfect as you expect.

Start planning the wedding 1 year before

Once the commitment is decided, it is best to start planning the wedding and it is advisable to start doing it at least a year before. The first step will be to choose a magical date; choosing a special day for both will be the best.

Once they agree on the date, it will be time to calculate the budget destined for the wedding. It would help if you got an idea of ​​the number of people who will attend and the decorations, food, clothing, and others.

Obtaining an estimate could take some time to decide and a savings plan could be made if necessary. Acquiring a loan would be a bad idea since after the wedding, there are usually some extra expenses, although it is an idea that is not entirely ruled out.

Once they are clear about the amount and are sure of obtaining it, they should start with the preparations and make the guest list. It must be searched and reserved with the church or court that will perform the union; in addition to this, the place must also be reserved.

Nine months before the wedding, start hiring.

It’s been 3 months since the wedding planning began, so it’s time to talk to experts. Find photographers, cooks, planners, and more to help you shape your wedding.

You can hire professional decorators to advise you, but not choose the place’s style. Remember that it is your wedding, only you know how you want it to be, and you must keep control of everything.

After this, it will be time to finish with the guest list and choose the bridesmaids, the ladies, and the pages. This is up to you; the best friends are always chosen in these cases.

Now comes a magical moment, choosing the beautiful wedding dress you will wear on one of your best days. Remember to think of something that looks amazing on you, do not please others; the choice should only please you and your partner.

By the end of these dates, it would be an excellent idea to start planning the destinations for the honeymoon. This will be fun since you can fantasize together while thinking of the best place to visit and enjoy.

Six months to the wedding

The time has come to hire the people in charge of the music played at the wedding, whether pianists, bands, or DJs. You must specify the songs you want and make sure the singers have an appropriate voice.

Now it’s time to start choosing the design of the invitations; they must go according to the decoration to match. Once you choose the design, all that remains is to order enough for the guests.

It is time to start choosing wedding rings, some use family rings, and others seek to buy or make them together. The decision will be solely for the couple. the best thing will always be to buy or make the rings since they will be of the desired shape and design.

Once you have all this ready, it is time to book the flight or ship for the honeymoon destination of your choice. Many look to travel the day after the wedding, but this could be too rushed, resulting in some inconvenience.

The best decision is to take some time to rest after the wedding and travel with all your energies replenished. So it is better to reserve the trip for at least one or two weeks after the marriage and enjoy one hundred percent.

Only 3 months away, the excitement cannot be contained

If you have some guests who live far away and need to stay, you should book a hotel room. These would be the last steps to have the invitations ready, so it is the best time to send them and wait for everyone to confirm.

The next thing will be to repurchase the groom’s suit. This will be a personal decision, although the ideal is to be a suit that pleases the bride. It would also be an excellent time to choose the bride’s accessories and select the hairdresser and makeup artist.

Having all of the above ready, it is time to prepare the ceremony, the protocols that must be followed, the readings, the music, and others. Reserve the best decoration and flowers for the wedding. These can be placed in beautiful centerpiece vases.

It is time to prepare the dance you will perform with your partner and choose that beautiful and unforgettable song that will unite you forever. Make a simple choreography that feels comfortable; this way, you can forget about the public and enjoy the dance.

The last thing to do now is reserve transportation for those guests who cannot attend under their power. This is usually done mainly for some unique family or friends who should not miss your wedding.

Two months to the wedding, get ready.

Now that. The expected date is approaching; it is time to try out the hairstyle and makeup that the bride will wear. He takes the bride to a spa, he lets her relax a bit, and she could get a skin treatment, so she’s radiant.

Also remember to choose a meal that will please all the guests. Choose the design for the wedding cake. this can be done in a specialized pastry shop or with the same hired chef.

1 month before the wedding, start confirming all the preparations

By this date, you should already have everything you need for your wedding; all you have to do is start calling the suppliers. This is done to confirm each one of the things, the place, the food, the lodging, the transportation, the clothes, and everything contracted and arranged.

Call each guest again to confirm their attendance, and remember to speak with those who require transportation or accommodation. List the time that the transportation will be waiting for them, and specify the place where they will stay and the other details.

Do not forget to call the travel agency to confirm everything related to the honeymoon, from the trip to the accommodation. If you booked any tours, or special surprises for the trip, this is the time to confirm everything and make sure it’s prepared.

When the days come, you should organize everything, decorate the place, band ring the chairs, flowers, and others for decoration. It will be a lot of fun to help with this; there is nothing better than shaping your special day with your own hands, do not miss this opportunity.

Some tips that you will surely need

The best advice that can be given is to stay calm from the beginning, as some days can become stressful. Remember that something can always go wrong at weddings, and it’s very typical, so stay calm right now.

Throughout the year of preparation, many things could get out of control; clear your mind and solve it together, and do not despair in the face of problems. Remember that this should be an experience that unites you as a couple, something to remember for a lifetime.

Civil weddings

Many choose to marry in a civil ceremony, and they must keep in mind that they need all the legal arrangements required. It’s best to have it prepared from the start, as the judge may be busy for the day you planned.

Religious weddings

Wedding planning could be intimately affected by the couple religions. If both are in the same religion, you should only talk to the priests so that they attend the indicated day and perform the sacred wedding.

In some religions, it is required to have a particular rank within its case, some fast courses are usually done. In this way, the couple will be consecrated and prepared for the moment of holy union.

For the supposed case in which the couple has different religions and beliefs, the solution may be more straightforward than it seems. Neither can ask the other to put aside all their beliefs and convert to the other’s religion.

In this case, the best option will be to get married civil and have a small wedding for each religion after a few years. In this way, both will marry the way they want without disrespecting the beliefs of the other.