It is no secret that the world we are living in at the moment is polluted. This state has given rise to lobbies and movements that seek to restore our planet earth back to its former state of being clean and conducive. These lobbies and groups ensure the environment and associated resources are cleaned and made fit as they need be.

One of the notable groups that push for such agendas is the World Cleanup Day. This is an organisation that seeks to ensure the environment is kept clean by motivating people to join in this fight. Among the moves it has pulled is setting up the Clean World Conference where most of the planning for the betterment of our planet is done. This last conference took place in the beginning of 2019, on the 24th to 27th of January in Tallinn, Estonia. It attracted many partners and sponsors, one of the biggest being Dagcoin.


Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency unit and a cryptocurrency payment mode. It is the brainchild of Nils Grossberg who founded it with the major aim of providing a convenient mode of payment that could be used by anyone. Its system is also awesome when it comes to cryptocurrency payments.

Dagcoin took a bold move this year by joining in the fight to conserve the environment. This is a move that was likely influenced by Nils Grossberg, who himself is a staunch supporter of such community-inspired projects.

The Partnership of Nils Grossberg, Dagcoin, and World Cleanup Day

Nils Grossberg is the founder of dagcoin and is a key figure in the community-based projects and lobby groups pushing for the better welfare for all.

The participation of Dagcoin in the Clean World Conference as a partner to the move has brought up many questions and proposals in relation to this partnership. Most are directed aiming at the various capacities in which Dagcoin can occupy in pushing for the agenda of having a clean world. Dagcoin can help in the preservation of nature through the following ways.

  • Mobilizing Its Staff To Join In The Movement

If you didn’t know, Dagcoin is a large firm with a stable workforce that is based in Estonia. As they say, charity begins at home and Dagcoin can capitalize on this and mobilize its workforce to take part in environmental and nature conservation exercises. It can start by having them adopt cleaner efficient waste management methods such s recycling and reusing. The workers can also be encouraged to reduce the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable material.

The staff can also take part in environmental conservation measures within the community such as weekly cleanups and litter collection.

  • Help In Creating Awareness

The struggle to keep the world clean needs to be told to the rest of the world hence means to create this awareness is essential for the fight to go on. Dagcoin is a company with some resources to its reach and can provide the much-needed help in giving the cleanup conference the attention it needs. This attention is going to highlight its struggles and may even receive help from other interested parties.

Dagcoin can use its website to push this agenda on behalf of the world cleanup day conference. It can function as an affiliate to this movement and have the affiliate links on its website.

  • Encouraging Donations

Movements of such a high magnitude constantly need an inflow of funds to keep them float and ensure that they are sustained. Dagcoin can play a noble role in such situations by donating some funds and resources to ensure the movement keeps moving. It can help in the donation by donating funds itself or by encouraging other companies to join on in this trend. 

This can be very beneficial as the company is going to have enough funds to run its many activities.

  • Initiation Of Nature Conservation Projects

Another great way in which Dagcoin can help in conservation of our nature is by initiating projects around the community that strives to keep the natural environment clean. It may take part in projects aimed to conserve the environment such as waste collection centers or even by recycling plastic waste while at it. This is a very significant move that is going to give the nature conservation efforts a mega boost.

Dagcoin’s presence in nature conservation movements is going to paint a great picture that can even drag other companies to join in the effort. It is also good for the marketing of such events by creating the awareness it needs and increasing the participation. This can increase the number of volunteers needed for such events to take place successfully.


Participation of different sectors in achieving a common goal in nature conservancy is an excellent move as seen by the direction Dagcoin has taken. This enables the cleanup movements to meet their targets in having a clean environment. It is could be amazing if more companies would join the movement and help in making the earth a nice place to inhabit.