How do you scrape the web?

How to scrape SERP results? Is manual scraping of search engines possible? How do you scrape Google search results? What about other search engine scraping- Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and so on!?

What is SERP API or SERP scraper? Have you ever heard the name of Google SERP API? How do you find and get Google SERP API? What is the best API for Google SERP?

To get the answer of all above questions, please read the rest of this paper!

All-SERP scrapes the web on behalf of us!

I found a SERP API called All-SERP with which various search engine results are scraped fast and with no limitation. The automatic programs that are used to scrape data from web pages are called SERP scrapers and this is a SERP scraping process.

All-SERP services includes professional:

  • Google SERP API
  • Bing SERP API
  • Yahoo SERP API
  • DuckDuckGo SERP API

I tried this fantastic tools and see how to can grow business through technology! No need to waste time and energy and struggle with search engine limitations for SERP scraping! All-SERP’s SERP APIs are ready to help us!

The programmatically extracting content from the web pages removes restrictions, saves time, and makes a more enjoyable and creative working environment.


Application Programming Interface or its abbreviated form that is called API assists applications to be connected with each other.

Remember the last time you searched the weather condition of your city in Google. Your written request was translated for Google through the help of an API. Then Google through APIs find the results from different websites and send them to you again with API assistance.

Why do I suggest All-SERP while there are many other SERP APIs in the market!?

Honestly I had tried various SERP APIs of the market and none of them was as efficient as All-SERP! What was amazing in All-SERP are as follow:

  • It is a comprehensive SERP scraper that supports 5 search engines including Yahoo, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and ASK.
  • The speed of SERP scraping is significantly high. It helps time to be saved and minds to be relaxed! It is famous of proper time management.
  • All-SERP solves all captchas including images and recaptcha.
  • It supports a distributed smart adaptive IP rotation by applying machine learning strategies.
  • Hardware Rotating is done to stop any blocking experience in process of SERP scraping.
  • It is powerful in error handling when meeting any unusual response and blocked pages.
  • Providing 25 free requests for Google SERP API and Bing SERP API services for any new comer.
  • Both plans of All-SERP (Small Team and Enterprise) are lifetime and support all 5 search engines at best competitive rates. Frankly the prices of All-SERP services have had a significant role to attract my attention.
  • Multiple programing languages are supported in All-SERP like Phyton, Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, Go, JavaScript, C, OCaml, and ObjectiveC.
  • All-SERP claims the accuracy rate of 98% and my experience also confirms it. We can be sure that the provided results are real and true.
  • Bulk SERP APIs of All-SERP are ready to meet our bulk requests still fast and reliably. Infinite number of queries is supported daily.
  • All-SERP mimics what a human being do in the process of SERP scraping to collect genuine results.
  • Pervasive support makes my mind calm as I am sure that any error and problem is solved fast and All-SERP experts are always available to solve any issue.
  • Whatever kind of data that we ask can be harvested from web by All-SERP.
  • No location limitation allows international users to use All-SERP in any country.

Perfect for SEO related companies

Smart search engine optimization (SEO) providers depend on regularly scraping keywords from various search engines especially Google to check the competitive position of their clients and competitors’ websites.

All-SERP’ SERP scraper lets you know the target keywords, title tags and intelligent data the competitors are using.

Al-SERP is the favorite technical and cultural SERP API of many SEO related companies which need insight on various aspects of client’ interests, demands, and etc.

What form of information does All-SERP provide?

Lots of data like statistics, client and competitor interests, search engine results, product reviews, prices, and so many other important data are extracted by All-SERP’s SERP API.

Price comparison to compare prices of one certain product on different online stores can also be performed.

All-SERP provides SEO keyword ranking data and let you see how your website is ranking on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.


All-SERP’ Google SERP API is the major tool I use almost every day. All-SERP has removed all restrictions and allows clients to get wide and deep Google search results from its fast, reliable, simple to use, and comprehensive Google SERP API.

Many companies need to search more than what Google allows them. Based on your business you may need thousand daily searches on Google but it limits users to a specific number of searches per day.

However no concern! Google SERP API is ready to stop restrictions.


Yahoo fame in comparison with 1990s has significantly reduced but still it is one of the main competitors of Google.

Yahoo search API is created to supply structured data and scrape Yahoo SERPs for you in a matter of seconds reliably and economically.


Bing operated by Microsoft is among the 50 sites with the most number of visits worldwide.

All-SERP has provided the best automatic Bing search API for anyone who wants no limitation in number of Bing searches and requires reliable, valid, organized data fast and economically.

Duckduckgo SERP API

Duckduckgo SERP API of All-SERP scrapes data from DuckDuckGo. Whatever kind of data that the user asks is extractable by All-SERP and is organized based on client order rapidly and in real time.


The question answering service of Ask search engine also can be scraped by All-SERP. Real time data monitoring of Ask search engine provided by All-SERP is fast, precise, trustworthy and clear.