So; how does Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM work? First, let’s go over what EDM stands for, what it’s actually used for and the different parts and components that are involved in Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM.


For starters, EDM stands for: Electrical Discharge Machining .EDM is used for the designing of parts with highly detailed shapes and tights . tolerance.It goes beyond conventional machining methods and techniques. It is an impressive piece of technology; having the capability to make precise cuts in metal with a blade smaller than the width of a human hair. EDM uses this electrically charged blade to remove microscopic particles and shapes the work piece. This process can create complex shapes from difficult materials and performs this process in a completely automated way.

The Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM is exceptionally powerful and designed with the operator in mind with its intuitive features and design. The Mitsubishi Wire Cut EDM program allows the operator to set up all his workpieces and enables him to monitor the process with ease. There is a selection of pickups. like having the part oriented in line with the machine axis. This saves the need for clocking in the work piece. The program can even specify the thread location! Included are maintenance timers that tell the operator when he should add lubrication oil or change filters.There is a multitude of technology enhancements that take care of the cutting process for the user. Whether there is one part, or multiple parts,the operator can choose a basic strategy that is best suited for the job at hand.


Taguti Group is one of the leading professional companies in the field of EDM. Taguti Group and subsidiaries have several senior and professional technicians available to help solve all kinds of requested problems. They produce and market EDM spare parts such as:

  • EDM Coated Wires
  • EDM Brass Wire
  • Filtration Products
  • Wear Parts
  • Resin
  • Drilling Accessories
  • Fluid
  • Electrode Guide Wheels


Here is a list of Mitsubishi wire EDM Parts that are also marketed on their website:

  • Mitsubishi Wire EDM Nozzle
  • Mitsubishi Wire Cutting Machine Felt Pad
  • Mitsubishi Jet Nozzle
  • Mitsubishi Upper Diamond Guide
  • Mitsubishi Wire EDM Gear
  • Mitsubishi Fixed Blade
  • Mitsubishi Current Supply
  • Mitsubishi EDM Machining Drive Roller
  • Mitsubishi EDM Isolator Plate Ceramic
  • Mitsubishi Wire EDM Ball Bearing
  • Mitsubishi Power Feeder Holder
  • Mitsubishi Wire Cutter Unit


There are many more Mitsubishi EDM parts that are not mentoned and a great selection of sizes and specification of these parts,No wonder Taguti is is known for their EDM consumables research, development, manufacturing and sales. Taguti is also known for their branded Molybdenum wires that have been on the market since 1997; initiating a new era in the Chinese EDM industry. Visit there website and see for yourself by clicking the link below:

Hopefully; this article gave you a greater understanding of how Mitsubishi Wire Cut works and acts as a beginner guide to how EDM woks and where you can find reliable services and products to further your business.