How I made my Treadmill Time more Interesting with Online Running App

With treadmills, it is the same boring routine. If you sighed at what I just said, you know the feeling. Even though treadmills are interesting at first, after a while we get bored seeing the same wall or through the window inside our home. Lockdowns have made it worse too, and the habit of going for a jog or a run has worn out.

With these kinds of confusions on one hand, I came across Vingo, an Online Running App. The app is said to give an outdoor feeling for indoor workouts. How exactly it works is simple and along with some of its cool features it could help you too. Here are some things about the app that might interest you.

A Specialised Running App for You

Vingo is specially designed for Indoor Running or cycling. It uses detailed maps and locations to take us into a virtual world, where we won’t feel like we are working-out indoors. The app has tons of locations that are designed to look exactly like their real places. Also, these locations in the app come with cool facts about the place. We can learn something new while we’re running.

We can always tighten our work-out regime with strict goals and targets. The app helps this by unlocking new places, coins, outfits for avatars and more. As for what avatars are, I’ll get to that soon. The app will definitely make our exercise time more fun and interesting. The avatars are what we see on the screen in the app. 

We can create our own avatar with just a selfie and add workout equipment, outfits and even our pets to them. Your avatar is what people see when you’re running on a specific location. So, make sure you look your best.

Additional Features of Vingo 

Another cool feature about Vingo is its social connectivity option. The app has provisions for voice chat with fellow work-out buffs from across the world. You can connect with people who share similar interests with you in those locations and encourage each other to get fit. We can also create and join communities inside the app. We can create them based on our location, our work-out habits, work-out times and what-not. These features make Vingo the best app for Online Running.

Tips to Start Running with Vingo

So, how do you want to start with Vingo? It’s easy, just download the app on your phone or a tablet or even a smart TV and connect the app with your treadmill. Once you open the app while you start running, the app will automatically detect your speed on the mill and adjust the scenery while you run. Even if you have a basic model treadmill, you can always manually enter your speed on the mill, in the app. This way the app synchronises your movements with your avatar. Or you can easily fix ANT+ sensors to the treadmill. The app will take urgent care to detect the changes in the speed and makes your treadmill running more interesting.