How is the online casino world changing in developing countries like India?

The gaming industry in developing countries like India depends on the art of the use of smartphones and mobile internet. Even multiplayer online gaming platforms like GTA have caught the eyes of people in India.

The rapid rise in gaming potential markets is helping to fuel the gaming segments like esports, real money gaming like online casino games, and mobile casual gaming. There is still no clear data available on how people are witnessing the inflow of gaming platforms. They are indeed focusing on retention and the sharp focus is put on mobile gaming. Thanks to the robust platform of social media, engaging free trial and error methods of various online casino games, and the mega marketing campaigns which are helping to inflow the users into the gaming platform.

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Is it safe to play online casino games in India?

In general, there are no laws in India that prohibit entry to any online casino platform. It is one of the decisions taken by each state separately if they want to prohibit gaming, especially online casino games. No doubt, the gaming world has increased its popularity after the period of the pandemic. The restrictions have made people stay at home and choose alternative methods to entertain themselves. Many states except Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (which have restricted the use of all forms of gambling) have put forth confusing laws when it comes to online gaming in other states.

  •     Daman, Goa, and Sikkim are a few of the total states of India, where land-based casinos are favorable for all sorts of personalities.
  •     There are laws like the Public Gambling Act of 1867 which restricts the establishment of gambling. Even if it is about online casinos, India has not covered the regulations and has left them to each state.
  •     As long as you are not living in a state where gambling is completely banned, you are allowed to play overseas games, and even visit the gambling sites from other countries.

Final Thoughts

India is a big country, where you will find 29 states and 7 union territories following the different regulations, religions, and customs. Each state has its law even if it is about the board of education. When it comes to gaming, especially online gambling Assam and Orissa are the two states which have completely banned it. While the states like Goa and Sikkim have land-based casinos and allow all citizens along with the citizens of the state to enter the casinos for fun and entertainment.