Laser vision correction – or more commonly known with the term LASIK, is a step you can consider to be able to see clearly with your naked eye. Involving modern technology which is both safe and effective, tens of millions of people have gone for it and are happy with the results. Of course, there is more than just LASIK – there are also other alternatives like ReLEx SMILE, Epi-LASIK and TransPRK which can help you to regain your eyesight.

But what is the reason behind the massive popularity of these laser vision correction procedures? Having undergone LASIK in Singapore myself, let me tell you how life-changing laser eye surgery can be!


Having 20/20 vision is beneficial when you are in various careers (e.g. pilot, air stewardess, engineer, surgeon, etc).

While perfect vision is not necessary to become a pilot, flying will definitely put your vision to the test. Pilots will need to see cockpit towers and air traffic clearly, and flying will definitely be a much more convenient affair if you were to undergo LASIK to get rid of your glasses. The same goes for engineers, surgeons, etc, where precision and accuracy is highly-valued.

As for me, I am an air stewardess and I can declare that LASIK is truly life-changing Flying with my contact lens can be a nerve-wrecking and inconvenient experience. There are times when I would forget to bring along my contact lens solutions, and I had to rush to the different pharmacies late at night just to get them. Not having to bring along the bulky contact lens solution when I travel is such a bliss – imagine the luggage space I have saved for my shopping spree! And not to mention the discomfort and contacts-induced dryness when I was wearing them for long-haul flights. With laser eye surgery, I can truly bid adios to all these less-than-pleasant experiences.

By the way, I believe that these benefits I’ve personally enjoyed will not only benefit the air stewardesses, but also those of you frequent travellers and who have been bitten by the wanderlust bug!


Exercise with ease without your glasses and contact lenses.

This is one of the main reasons that pushes me to go for laser vision correction. Have you ever tried jogging or exercising with your glasses? As you sweat, your glasses will tend to slip down your slippery nose bridge, needing you to push it up times and again. And can you even imagine doing the yoga downward-dog pose with your glasses? Let’s face the facts – exercising with your glasses can be a real challenge.

You can always put on your contacts when you do sports. However, I had this one instance when I rubbed my eyes midway during a yoga class and my contact lens fell off. At that point of time, I had to go through the rest of the class half-blind!

Whether you are suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and/or presbyopia, laser vision correction doesn’t just improve your vision – it brings about significant positive changes in your lifestyle. You can consider it as a one-time investment, rather than having to spend time and again on your glasses or contact lenses.