Most people are familiar with the infamous mugshot that marks the point someone gets arrested. The police take these photos to help distinguish between people with the same name, identify suspects, and keep track of people during the booking process.

Every state except Louisiana considers mugshots to be public records. Yet, they’re still challenging to find for many people. If you’re trying to find mugshots, whether it’s of yourself or someone you know, you’ve probably tried your local police department’s website and even your state’s department of corrections website. However, the frequency at which these sites are updated can cause unreliability in your search, especially if the person in question was arrested some time ago.

So, you’re left with only a few options. Your best bet will be using an online people search tool, such as GoLookUp, to lookup mugshots online. These tools are incredibly effective and easy to use. However, they’re not free. Today, we’ll explore looking up mugshots online and how much it usually costs.

What’s the purpose of a mugshot?


So, the simplest way to explain a mugshot is that it’s an official image taken of a person when they’ve been arrested and processed by a law enforcement agency. The mugshot itself acts as an identifier for this person. Typically, mugshots are public records unless stated or labeled otherwise by the appropriate authorities. For this mugshot picture, the person in the photo cannot wear a mask or any other clothing that could obscure their face.

Mugshots are recorded and connected to an individual’s record to be identified if a future offense occurs. Aside from the authorities, many other people use these mugshots to access public information that may not appear in a standard online search engine. For example, many people will perform a mugshot search before going on a date with someone they’ve just met to ensure their safety.

How do mugshot-search websites work?


Websites like GoLookUp collect and compile mugshots from inmates in real time. Their systems are designed to update daily with the latest mugshot records from various states’ police records. Due to safety and security precautions, most of these sites don’t publish the actual photos on their public websites. However, these sites allow subscribers to view the actual mugshot and profile details when they sign up and agree to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rules. Keep in mind that these records and mugshots are not proof or an indication of guilt or evidence of a crime. The only thing a mugshot search proves is that someone did get arrested.

In most cases, users simply create an account, choose a subscription option, input a payment method, agree to the terms and conditions, and start searching. This quick process is why most people consider these sites the fastest, most efficient, and easiest way to find mugshots.

How much does it cost to look up a mugshot?

When you find a website like GoLookUp, you’ll need to choose a subscription option and purchase it to use its services. Many of these sites offer trial versions with limited searches within a specific time frame. Most of these trials are usually $1 for around five to seven days of access to the site.

These sites usually have about three different subscriptions, including the trial version. These subscriptions are most often in weekly, monthly, or yearly increments. Some websites will offer discounts on one or more subscriptions from time to time as well, such as half off or 10 percent off of a yearly subscription.

If you’re using GoLookUp, the prices for subscriptions range from $1 for a five-day trial, $52.38 for a three-month subscription, and $49.95 for a monthly subscription. However, at the time of this writing, the monthly subscription is discounted to $22.83 a month.

Keep yourself safe by using GoLookUp to search for mugshots online.