When you walk into a physical casino, one of the first things you’ll notice is the big board with all of the latest jackpot totals. Online casinos use a similar system, but it’s a bit more complicated. In this blog post, we will discuss how online casinos use hit and visitor counters to jackpot their winnings. We will also talk about some of the benefits and drawbacks of this system. Stay tuned for more information!

What Is a Casino Jackpot?

A casino jackpot is the largest single winning that can be won on a game at any given time. This amount is typically determined by the number of bets placed, and a certain percentage of each bet goes into the total pot.

The larger the pot size, the bigger the potential payout for players who hit it big. Jackpots are considered to be one of the ways to attract more people to a casino, as they provide the potential for big payouts.

Types of Online Casino Jackpots

There are two main types of online casino jackpots. The first is the fixed-jackpot, which is a set amount that doesn’t change regardless of how many people play the game. The second type is a progressive jackpot, where the pot size increases with each bet placed.

Fixed Jackpot

Fixed jackpots are found in many online slot games, and they typically offer an attractive payout for players who hit them. The amount of the jackpot is predetermined by the game’s manufacturer and won’t change regardless of how many bets are placed.

Progressive Jackpot

On the other hand, progressive jackpots increase with each bet placed. This means that the more people play a game, the larger the potential payout becomes for those who hit it big. Progressive jackpots are typically found in games like poker and blackjack, as well as some slot games. Some casinos also offer dual drop jackpots as part of their progressive jackpots.

A dual-drop jackpot refers to a system where the jackpot is split between two different payouts; one for the highest hand and another for the runner-up.

How Online Casinos Use Hit Counters

Online casinos use hit counters to calculate and display the current jackpot amount. These counters record every bet that is placed on the site, allowing them to quickly and accurately determine how much is up for grabs at any given time.

Hit counters work by tracking the number of bets placed on a particular game. They then multiply this number by the amount of each bet and display it on screen, giving players an up-to-date jackpot total. This system allows online casinos to provide players with real-time feedback on their potential winnings, as well as show them how much is at stake in any given game.

Online Casinos and Visitor Counters

In addition, to hit counters, online casinos often use visitor counters as well. These counters keep track of the number of visitors a casino receives in any given period. By tracking this information, casinos can better understand how many people are playing their games and make adjustments to their jackpots accordingly. This helps them ensure that they always have enough money in the pot to make it worth their players’ while.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hit Counters

Hit counters are a great way for online casinos to keep track of the money up for grabs in any given game. They can also use the information to adjust their jackpots accordingly, ensuring that they always have enough money on offer for potential winners.

Using hit counters to calculate jackpots offers several benefits for online casinos, including the ability to quickly adjust the size of the pot, as well as the accuracy with which they can track how many bets have been placed. This helps ensure that players are always getting a fair game.

On the downside, hit counters can be easily manipulated by players and can make it difficult for casinos to ensure fair play. Additionally, the fixed-jackpot system often means that players have to wait longer for larger payouts. Hit counters can be manipulated by players, however, so it’s important for casinos to monitor them closely in order to protect against cheating. Despite these drawbacks, however, hit counters offer a valuable service to online casinos and can help ensure that players always get a fair game.



Hit and visitor counters are important tools in determining how much money is up for grabs at any given time in an online casino. By tracking these numbers, casinos can better understand their audience and adjust their jackpots accordingly.

Hit counters also offer players a way to quickly and accurately calculate their potential winnings. This makes it easier for them to determine how much money is at stake in case of a jackpot hit.

Despite the potential for manipulation, hit and visitor counters remain an important part of online gambling, helping casinos provide fair and attractive payouts.