Online manufacturing is an integrated approach centered around a computer system. Digital technology has become essential with the rise of automated tools in manufacturing plants. Pressure on quantity and quality is playing a huge role in employing digital manufacturing methods.

From project management applications to 3DCAD and accounting software, online tools are transforming manufacturing. Products are now becoming smarter, as they become more responsive and connected, for example:

  • Smart cars (connected)
  • Wearable technology 
  • Smart lighting


Importance of Project Management Tools

To ensure that each task is executed on time and the workload is balanced, online project management tools are employed. Project software ensures scope and enhances resource efficiency.  Better project planning and budgeting can be done with the rich data collecting platforms that are online.


A management tool like Hubstaff can help boost your assembly line productivity through:

  • real-time monitoring
  • team scheduling
  • GPS tracking


Oracle’s Net suite is a cloud-based manufacturing solution with ERP software solutions which helps with:

  • Customer relation
  • Production planning 
  • Procurement processing
  • Supply chain control

Design tools are not new to the manufacturing industry. These tools have evolved as the manufacturing industry has transformed. Linear actuators are an example of how online tools and technology are revolutionizing the automation industry.


What are Linear Actuators?

Actuators create motion in a straight line as opposed to a circular motion.  Actuators are driven by either an AC or DC electric motor and a lead screw that moves the main shaft. Their load capacity can be:

  • static (when motionless)
  • dynamic (amount of force)

Linear actuators are used in applications such as:

  • Automatic doors
  • Computer disc drives
  • Machine tools
  • Valves
  • Dampers


Linear actuators come in a variety of configurations and are categorized by their mechanical mechanisms. These are examples of common types:

  • Mechanical – converts rotary motion into linear motion
  • Hydraulic – the piston (hydraulic cylinders) creates linear displacement through pressure
  • Pneumatic – Pressed air is used to convert energy into motion


Design of linear actuators

When designing an actuator multiple factors have to be considered. The type of actuator that will be needed depends on what it will be used for. The speed and torque of the motor are important as well as static and dynamic variables. The ease of design is ensured by the help of online 3D software.


AutoCAD as a Design Tool

AutoCAD is a software program that is used for a large number of different designs.  It is an electronic drafting tool that adds digital precision and measurements that helps with the calculation of 3D components. 


AutoCAD’s features

  • Electrical toolset
  • 3D mapping
  • Mechanical toolset
  • MEP toolset
  • Raster design
  • Mobile App
  • Web app



SolidWorks is a solid modeling, computer-aided design software program that runs on windows. Its user base includes individuals, as well as large corporations and, are widely used in the manufacturing and design industry. Solid Works utilizes a parametric based approach to create 3D models. 


SolidWorks Features

  • 3D modeling
  • Edit 3D part assembly
  • Automatic updates drawing
  • Weldments  (Quickly design welded structures)
  • 2D drawings



SolidFace is the state of the art 3D modeling solution that helps designers and engineers to collaborate and span over multiple manufacturing disciplines in real-time.  This software program gives you complete control from the design to the end product.



  • Data management
  • Collaboration
  • 3D part library
  • 3D assemblies
  • Drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Parameterization


PDF converter software

PDF converter software helps the engineers and the designers to share their work on various applications in a format that is readable to most devices. There are numerous PDF converters available as online tools or software solutions that are compatible with most operating systems.



This is a top-grade software solution that converts multiple formats and features such as:

  • Word
  • Exel
  • PPT
  • Html
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • DWG



Wonder share converter is designed to convert files such as CAD-based software and other 3Dmodeling software into PDF and supports:

  • Word
  • Exel
  • PPT
  • Html
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • DWG


Accounting Applications that are helping the manufacturing industry 

Although there are numerous versions of accounting software on the market, the manufacturing industry needs a specialized package that caters to stock, inventory, and parts. All manufacturing companies need to know what is available in their inventory at any given time so that they do not run out of products and parts. There are accounting systems such as Syspro and Sage Accounting systems that provide them with a tailor-made solution.