Did you know that probiotics are actually good for you? Research has revealed the many benefits of probiotics. It helps keep your gut healthy. Probiotics is naturally grown in your intestinal tract and it aids the defense as well as nourishment of your entire body. Each person has about a hundred trillion bacteria inside them and most of it can be found residing in the gut. That is more than 10 times the amount of cells in your body. Thus, probiotics help keep your personal army healthy. It is due to this reason that these powerful immune boosters are being added to just about every food that claims to be healthy in the market. However, you should keep in mind that pasteurization and high heat levels of cooking makes them ineffective. This is why investing in probiotics supplements is the best idea as they help build up the good bacteria which will keep the immune system strong.

When there is an abundance of probiotic bacteria in the gut, it is more difficult for pathogenic bacteria to cause any harm to you in the form of a flu or cold. Probiotics in Malaysia are extremely beneficial for your body as they produce certain vitamins which allow you to be strong and help fight viruses in the 3 different levels.

  • Probiotics surround the virus and neutralize it when it is still in the intestinal tract.
  • Helps good bacteria to form a strong barrier along the intestinal lining to ensure that virus does not pass into the blood stream through the intestinal lining.
  • Probiotics effectively communicate with the body to release substances which neutralize the virus in case the virus makes through one or two of the levels. Hence, any potential damage that could have been caused by the virus is prevented.

Aging Makes Flu Virus Deadly

Aging individuals are the most at risk of suffering from a devastating impact due to the influenza virus. The majority of flu-related deaths that are observed each year consist of mostly people over the age of 65. The flu virus has the capability to boost the risk of a secondary bacterial infection which has the potential to worsen any pre-existing medical problems. This is why it is important that older adults consider flu vaccine each winter. However, the effectiveness of the flu vaccine as claimed among aging adults is a tad bit exaggerated. According to studies, it has been observed that the older one gets, the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can boost your immunity by taking care of your gut.

A healthy and balanced gut micro-biome is the best solution for people of all ages as it ensures that sufficient protection is provided to ward off deadly viruses like flu and cold.

Gut Bacteria Modulates The Immune System

Scientists have finally recognized the importance of gut bacteria for modulating the immune system. Since the majority of the human immune system is found in the gut, the intestinal immune system consists of more anti-body producing cells as compared to the rest of your body. Thus, the fluid secreted from your digestive system which includes saliva and mucus is rich in disease-preventing and health-supporting factors.

An immune system that is poorly functioning is the root cause of most conditions which aggressively target older adults. For instance, we are more vulnerable to infections due to little immune response. Chronic inflammation  is caused by an overactive or poorly balanced immune system. It contributes to many age-related disorders like metabolic syndrome, cancer, and diabetes. However, adults that are able to restore the balance in their gut micro-biome will be able to strengthen their ability to withstand deadly viruses. Probiotics stimulate a much healthier immune system and boost the population of the cells in order to destroy any infecting cancers or organisms. Although probiotics promote strength and immune balance, a specific blend of unique probiotics is crucial to blocking cold, flu, or any other respiratory virus.

Activate Immune Response

Probiotics are unique as they provide powerful anti-flu defense by activating your body’s immune response. After all, it is the immune system which produces proteins known as antibodies that fight toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

Block The Virus Replication Cycle

Antibodies are vital as they target bacterial and viral invaders in your upper respiratory tract, deactivate them, and present them to your immune system for destruction. Antibodies prevent flu and cold viruses from wreaking havoc through gaining a foothold of your respiratory tract. The thing about flu virus is that it infects cells and the process replicates out of control. This is where a unique probiotic blend comes into place. It has been designed and tested by researchers. The unique probiotic blend reduces the risk of any respiratory infection through enhancement of secretary immunity.

What To Look For In Probiotics?

If you are looking for probiotics, then you will come to notice that there are plenty of products available in the market. The following factors should be considered when selecting a supplement. For more information on which probiotics to purchase, check out the link.

High Culture Count

The first thing that you need to look for in probiotics supplements is high culture count. The culture count is used for reference to the total number of live bacterial culture that is found in each serving. Depending on health status or age, some people might need a higher or lower amount.

Number Of Strains

Make sure to opt for a probiotics supplement  that has naturally occurring strains like bifid bacteria and lactobacilli. Get a variety of strains as there are different bacterial footprints in every body.

Protected Capsule

The next thing that you need to look for in a probiotics supplement is whether it is available in a protected capsule. The thing about probiotics is that they have to travel to your intestines from the harsh stomach environment effectively. The probiotics have to travel to the intestines in order to be of use.